Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another horse for the Augean stables

Barack Obama has appointed Douglas Kmiec ambassador to Malta (hat tip: Curt Jester):
Washington, DC ( -- President Barack Obama has named Douglas Kmiec, the Pepperdine University law professor who has become a key impediment to pro-life Catholics as the ambassador to Malta. The move is sure to spark opposition in Catholic circles given Malta's strongly pro-life stance.

Kmiec became the main Catholic cheerleader for the Obama campaign during the 2008 presidential election and his ringing endorsements of the aggressive abortion advocate drew scorn nationwide.

Kmiec has continued defending Obama despite his moves to force taxpayers to fund both abortions and embryonic stem cell research that destroys human life. And he has come to the defense of Office of Legal Counsel nominee Dawn Johnson, who has compared pregnancy to slavery and is a former lawyer for a pro-abortion group.

Obama will nominate Kmiec as the ambassador to the Catholic country that is a small Mediterranean island just south of Italy. The decision requires approval from the Senate, which is expected even though his defense of Obama's pro-abortion views may cost him some votes.
The message is clear: if you are a Catholic who wants to be rewarded by the Obama administration, you have to be willing to sell out your pro-life principles and support Obama without criticism or any reference to your Church's "inconvenient" teachings.

Only the "right sort" of Catholics have any place in the Obama administration. Catholics who find Obama's support of abortion up to and including infanticide horrible, appalling, morally stunted, indefensible, and downright evil need not bother to pretend otherwise; Obama has no room for them in his Augean stables, where only the best and brightest dung-producers need apply.

Men have always been ready to sell out their most deeply held principles for the most trivial of trinkets. Thirty pieces of silver, Wales--and now Malta; the price may vary, but the eternal value is about the same. Sadly, a man who sells out his principles will never be anything more than a lackey, and will find that his eagerness to sell himself short means only that all will take him at his own valuation. If Kmiec were a man of honor, he'd turn down this offer--but a man of honor doesn't sell out the unborn for his own political gain in the first place.

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