Monday, July 27, 2009

Divorce is bad for your health

Well, well. Who could have expected this?

MONDAY, July 27 (HealthDay News) -- Researchers have long thought that marriage is good for your health, but it has been less clear how you will fare if you lose your spouse to divorce or death.

Now, a new study shows that scenario spells trouble, even if you go to the altar once again.

In fact, people who ceased being married at some point in their lives were significantly more likely to have chronic health problems than those who stayed married, researchers found.

It's not clear if the dissolution of a marriage directly affects health or if some other factor is at play. Still, "marital loss does seem to be a powerful force damaging health," said sociologist and study co-author Linda Waite. "And it seems to work about the same way for men and women, and for emotional well-being and physical health." [...]

After adjusting their statistics to account for such factors as race and gender, which could skew the results, the researchers found that those with "marital loss" -- meaning losing a spouse to death or divorce -- had 20 percent more chronic health conditions than people who stayed married.

They also had 23 percent more conditions that limited their ability to get around.

People who remarried were somewhat less likely to have these problems than those who had stayed single but still more problems than those who remained married.

I'm sure some other group of researchers will hastily produce a new study that will show that divorce is actually good for you; we can't have any reports of scientific evidence that there are any consequences whatsoever linked to the sexual revolution. This study will be buried along with the ones that show links between abortion and breast cancer, the ones that suggest more strokes in women who use the Pill, and the ones that hint at the possibility that one's risk factors for AIDS include homosexual activity.

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