Monday, August 17, 2009

Caution: Slow Blogging Ahead

I know that some people get really annoyed when a blogger announces that he or she is taking a blogging break, or will be posting less frequently than usual, or is otherwise heading into a period of low visibility.

Not me, because I'm the sort of person who clicks on other people's blogs impatiently wondering why he or she didn't post today, or has only posted once or twice a day instead of at his or her usual rate. I know, I know--subscribe to the blogs' feeds. Sad thing is, I do--and then I click anyway, in case the feed is slow or isn't working properly.

So when someone says, "I'm going to be absent/less active/less available for a bit," I don't get annoyed or think he or she is being conceited to think anyone cares. I'm grateful for these little announcements, because they keep me from checking in multiple times a day on a suddenly-inactive blog in the expectation of finding out any minute that the blogger has been in some sort of accident and is now in traction and must type with his or her chin, or has converted to a strange religious sect that forbids blogging, the consumption of nonalcoholic beverages, and the spending of more than four hours of the day not camped out in front of the television accompanied by a bag of marshmallows, a decent brand of whiskey, and a xylophone.

Don't get me wrong--these announcements aren't absolutely necessary from everyone. Some bloggers whom I cherish frequently stop posting for days or even weeks, because they've always done things that way, and their "regular" posting generally amounts to less than two posts per week anyway. It would take a much longer silence from these bloggers before I'd worry about traction or strange religious xylophones.

But for those of us who post at least once a day, and who feel like pikers if we post less than two separate posts in a day, and who sometimes (last week) post five things in one day and then realize that nobody was expecting that and they probably skipped right over the three at the bottom, an announcement is a courtesy.

So: for the next two weeks, don't be surprised if I post only once daily, if that. There may be a day or so where I don't manage to post at all, but I know for certain that doing more than one blog post from tomorrow through about Labor Day is going to get increasingly complicated, and will, on most of those days, not be even remotely possible.

Once we get past Labor Day and are in the full swing of our new school year, I should get back on schedule and back up to speed fairly quickly. Your patience is, as always, most gratefully appreciated.


Otepoti said...

New format!



Otepoti said...

565? What is that about?

Kim said...

LOVE the new format. Great choice!

Red Cardigan said...

Otepoti, it's a Blogger template, and the designer chose to include that number in the background. His other one also has a background number, so I'm guessing it's just his "thing," so to speak. :)

Thanks for the feedback! I'm planning to tweak a few more little things here and there.

Dawn Farias said...

Oh, I love it! It's green, too!

Announcements like this don't bother me. Good luck with all you have going on.

LarryD said...

Hey, nice new look ya got here!

Thanks for the heads-up. But you know, if you were really serious about this blogging thing, you'd have a whole bunch of posts already written and scheduled for future publication. nyuk nyuk!

Bob the Ape said...

"Strange religious xylophones" - what an irresistIble phrase!

Bob the Ape said...

And I couldn't resist it.

Red Cardigan said...

Bob, I love it! Totally awesome! :)