Tuesday, September 29, 2009

40 Days for Life

I can't believe I missed the start of this!

40 Days for Life is underway again, and so far this year 56 babies have been saved from abortion. Please visit their website to find out ways you can be involved in the prayers and actions of this wonderful group.

Last year I wrote a pro-life post every day for the 40 days; I was unable to make that committment this year because, to be honest, I'm having trouble keeping up with the blog so far this school year, and school has to come first. But I will be praying for the success of this wonderful effort to save mothers and their children from the horror of abortion.

On this feast of the Archangels, I ask St. Michael's intercession for the intention of ending abortion in America.

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Irenaeus said...

I'm really proud of some of my students who are going routinely to the local clinic to pray.