Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Apologies for a Postless Monday

I thought I'd have some time before today's plans with our out-of-town company to jump in here and post something, but I was wrong.

Specifically, I thought I'd have time to post something further about the Kennedy funeral. I started writing it over the weekend, and it's presently in "draft" form.

But you know what? I've decided to leave it there.

For one thing, the language is far too intemperate. I know I can be snarky; heck, I do some of my best writing when I'm seriously annoyed. I also go back and edit out the worst of it, so that the stuff you see is actually rather mild compared to what I wrote at first. Could I edit the Kennedy funeral post enough for you to read it? Yes. Would it require me to remove, first of all, an ill-considered comparison between the Archdiocese of Boston and a bloated, rotting corpse festering in a gaseous cesspool? Unfortunately, yes.

But even if I pared the post down to a mostly polite version of its present incarnation, ought I to post it? I don't think so, because a second consideration is that news cycles being what they are, any further discussion of the Kennedy funeral means keeping the story alive (even in a tiny venue like this blog) when the far more prudent thing would be to let it die. Even a scandalous, disturbing, liturgically unsound and spiritual unwise display like the funeral of a wealthy and well-connected but not very faithful Catholic is probably better forgotten than prolonged, at this point. The question of whether the late Senator Kennedy was entitled to a Catholic funeral, after all, was not ever my question; I thought he likely did, and that the only people qualified to make that decision were the ones who made it. The further question as to whether the funeral of a lifelong dissenter whose personal failings were all-t00-widely known and whose public actions included unwavering support for the killing of unborn humans ought to have been a restrained, modest, non-celebratory affair is now a moot question, having apparently been decided by people who ought to have known better in the opposite direction; and the less said about such a senseless lapse in judgment by spiritual leaders, the better, I'm afraid.

And even if I didn't have to rewrite much of the post to remove intemperate speech, and even if the news cycle hadn't moved on to the point where the story is better forgotten, there would still be a third thing to consider: it's just not a surprise, anymore, that Catholic spiritual leaders in America can act this way. I recall a pro-life leader saying years ago that the loudest thing one heard in jail, if one were jailed during a pro-life protest, was the silence of the Church. I wonder how the noise of all the Church-condoned celebration of Ted Kennedy's life sounds to the child about to be torn apart in his mother's womb?

So my original post on this subject will stay incomplete and unpublished, but somehow I've managed to say most of what I wanted to anyway. And though I missed posting at all on Monday, perhaps the earliness of this Tuesday post will make amends for that.

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Right on, Sister!!!!