Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time in a (foundation) bottle

Little girl, age ten: Mom, I'm playing dress-up. Can I use some of your old makeup?

Young lady, age fifteen: But mom! All the other girls get to wear makeup!

Young woman, age twenty: We're just going out for pizza. I don't need makeup.

Bride, age twenty-five, to groom: Don't lose that bag! That one has my makeup.

Woman, age thirty: Daddy's taking me out to dinner tonight. That's why I'm putting on makeup. I don't look that different, do I? And, sweetie, it's "mascara," not "eye-scara."***

Woman, age thirty-five: I wonder if it will be dark enough in the restaurant and movie theater for me to skip some of this makeup?

Woman, age forty: Guess I'd better go to the grocery store. Oh, shoot. That means I've got to wear makeup...

***Kitten's real word for "mascara" when she was a toddler.


KC said...

That's funny.

Ben said...

I'm a guy whose hair all fell out, eyebrows too. Every morning I draw on my eyebrows. I realize now how burdensome women's makeup is, that you have to carry around your "face" in some bag external to you, that if you forget it then it's a real problem and you will have to go home to get it...

Anonymous said...

From Scotch Meg:

The New England version mostly ends at age twenty. The makeup never reappears. Does that make us more or less mature? More or less vain? Food for thought, to go with the pizza.