Friday, October 23, 2009

The ultimate marginalization

It's really hard to believe that this letter from Call to Action is not a parody:
An Open Letter to our Sisters and Brothers in Christ in the Anglican Tradition

We greet you in the name of the One who unites us all. We were disappointed with the Vatican's announcement of a stream-lined process for Anglican conversion to Roman Catholicism for individuals and dioceses who do not support women's and LGBT equality.

The Anglican tradition embodies a courageous history of seeking reform in the face of church injustice. In the last decades, you have built on that history and stood strongly in support of marginalized women, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in your faith tradition. We have watched and supported your struggles over the years to welcome all God's people equally to ministerial leadership. You should stand proud. [...]
There's more, much more, and there's also Larry D.'s excellent response to the letter here.

Now, I think Christians should be able to agree that we don't want to marginalize either women or those who are afflicted with same-sex attraction. There's no need to discriminate unjustly against either group, or against anyone else, for that matter (including white males, but that's a topic for a different time).

The thing about the CTA types is that they don't get, they never will get, that it's not marginalizing women to prohibit women from being ordained into ministry when Christ Himself chose not to give them this role; and it's not marginalizing homosexuals by pointing out that homosexual acts, just like heterosexual acts outside marriage and a whole host of other things, are gravely morally wrong and do not lead to eternal life, but to eternal death. It's not marginalizing women to tell the truth about the evil of artificial contraception and the even graver, monstrous evil that is abortion; it is not marginalizing the same-sex attracted to call "gay marriage" the evil that it is and to oppose it politically so that people will not be led into error.

It is not marginalizing, because what Christians want for each other is eternal salvation. We, if we are sincerely Christian, want to get to Heaven ourselves and want our brothers and sisters to get to Heaven too. We don't want somebody lying to us and saying adultery or fornication or similar sins are just fine and dandy, because we don't want to spend eternity in the desolation and pain of eternal punishment, cut off from God Who is Love forever, not by His plan but by our own damnable (literally) choices. If we are same-sex attracted Christians, then, it stands to reason that we don't want anybody lying to us and saying homosexual sex is also fine and dandy and doesn't lead to eternal death--because it does; the Church is clear about this. As a woman I certainly don't want someone telling me that it's just fine for me to use contraception or to kill an unborn child via abortion, that God doesn't mind--when He certainly does. Such acts kill the life of grace in our souls if we choose them with full knowledge that they are gravely wrong and full consent of the will.

The ultimate marginalization is Hell, and it is Hell we choose whenever we choose in a grave matter to go against the clearly expressed and taught Will of God. Call to Action does not, and never has, understood this simple truth.


LarryD said...

Thanks for the link! And great post, too, by the way.

See? This is why I take the satirical approach, because writers such as yourself do such a great job at getting right down to the heart of the matter.

And you're right - it's incredible that CTA is blind to how much of a parody they have become. Or that they've always been.

freddy said...

Maybe the CTA-ers could just change places with those Anglicans who want to be fully Catholic. A fair exchange and everybody's happy!

TomE said...

Yes, I do believe that it's time for some good ole-fashion hardball, Archbshp R. Williams. Benny goes fishing in your pond; now you go fishing in his. Give em some ordinariates and allow the transexual priest(esses) to celebrate their rite Call to Action style! Two can play at this little game, or will you allow yourself to be outdone yet again??

Anonymous said...

Of what importance is input from this group? It doesn't sound very egalitarian, or as if they are considering impact of a statement that befits the thoughts of a whole community of members. It sounds quite clearly as if it's a statement of the opinion of a select few, quite opinionated people. Thank Heavens, I am not associated with these circling buzzards.