Friday, November 13, 2009

41 days??

Okay. Where has this fall gone? Do you realize there are only 41 days until Christmas (and counting)?

I did know it was sort of slightly around the corner-ish. I did have my girls make lists for me--they mention two items they'd like to have, along with a third inexpensive one such as a book. I will usually add a few girlish surprises and fun things, but we do try to keep it simple.

Still. Still! 41 days???

For fun, I post the below. I will say, though, that my results are a little off. While I do work from lists and try to be an organized and thoughtful gift-giver, I do not get things done early. Also, I am a terrible gift-wrapper. My best efforts usually look as though a chimpanzee escaped from the local zoo and went on a wild gift-wrap related chase through the shopping mall. Gift bags are my friends.

Take the quiz, let me know your results, and if you already did your Christmas shopping back in March, don't tell me! (And if you have been lovingly handcrafting a polished wooden train set complete with people and a station and a village populated by authentic looking villagers and even more authentic animals for your boys, while making your each of your girls a beautiful Christmas dress with a hand-tatted lace collar in a color and fabric to match the delicate pottery tea set you threw for them on your wheel out back and fired in a local kiln, really, really don't tell me.) Have fun!

You Are Responsible and Orderly

You approach the holidays in an orderly, organized fashion.

You work from a checklist, and you get everything done early.

Enjoying the holidays is important to you, and that means getting your chores done first.

Only then can you truly relax and kick back. (Though relaxing for you is still pretty high strung!)

Of all the types, you are the most likely to have a perfectly wrapped present.

You are also the most likely to get someone the perfect present... one they didn't even know they wanted.


❦TattingChic said...

According to that test: I am whimsical and imaginative...and I really do tat! If you don't believe me come and check out my tatting blog!


eulogos said...

I am loving and generous....according to this test.
Susan Peterson

PS I buy everyone something from a lady who owns Alpaca's. If I am feeling rich, sweaters, if poor, gloves, hats, or socks.

eulogos said...

Darn it, I used an apostrophe for a plural. I am ashamed.
Susan Peterson