Monday, November 23, 2009

The unmistakable imprint of the cad

Terribly late to blogging today, for no particularly good reason except that it was our last school day before four glorious days of freedom called Thanksgiving Break, and so naturally it took us twice as long to finish up the little we had to do.

One of the disadvantages to late blogging is that everything that could conceivably be said about the Kennedy/Bishop Tobin situation has probably already been said; suffice it to say that I see this as being more about Democrats and their internal orthodoxy than about Catholics and ours. That is, this is Round # (insert some Mark Shevian fictional huge number here) in the present push to redefine "good Catholic" as someone who always, always, always Votes With The Democrats Even When They Want To Spend Tax Dollars On the Dismemberment of Babies who Happen to be a Bit Shy of their Natal Day. The corollary to that definition is that a Bad Catholic is then someone who thinks that "pro-abort Catholic" is an oxymoron and who votes with the eeeeevillllll Republicans, or with independents, or with anybody who doesn't go from the Communion line to smacking his lips at the chance to vote for more funds with which to go kill off the poor and minorities while they're still in the womb.

Representative Kennedy thought he was taking the moral high ground here, I'm sure, but all of his actions have shown the unmistakable imprint of the cad. From releasing correspondence meant to be private (after first lying about it and saying that the bishop had ordered priests to deny him communion) to saying that he has received Communion despite being told not to, Kennedy has shown himself to be a very small sort of person, indeed.

But there is a hopeful sign so many of us have seen, in the person of bishops rising up to draw the line in the sand and say, "No, you cannot claim to be a Catholic in good standing while supporting, voting for, encouraging, promoting, and otherwise shilling for abortion on demand." Representative Kennedy can continue to act like a cad in his dealings with the Church, and his fellow Democrats can enlist the support of other nominally Catholic cads in attempting to tear down the Church's teachings--and all that happens is that the Church looks better and better, by comparison.


Carmella James said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Church should reconsider its tax-exempt status?