Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Boiling sauce

When Thad came home from work tonight, he asked what was for dinner, and I told him that I'd used up some leftover chicken in a creamed chicken-over-rice sort of dish. Jokingly, he asked if I was sure the leftover chicken was heated to a good temperature (a joke that would make sense if you'd known me when I was a newlywed and a pretty lousy cook). "Of course!" I said. "The chicken was reheated in the boiling sauce..."

Without missing a beat, he said ominously, "...as are all who oppose you..."

Does he know me, or what? ;-)


Dawn Farias said...

Oh, BURN! (Couldn't help it...)

Thanks for putting my button up!!

Red Cardigan said...

Yep! ;-)

Oh, and about the button--so sorry I didn't do it sooner! I had forgotten about your email and stumbled across it recently. Better late then never, I guess! :)

Dawn Farias said...

I just wanted to clarify that when I said "Burn!" and that I couldn't help it... I meant I couldn't help but make the pun, not that I couldn't help agreeing with your husband.

Hope that makes sense. Off to find something else to overthink...