Monday, December 28, 2009

Follow up to Catholic Store post

The proprietor of the small Catholic Internet store Aquinas and More has put up a post on his blog responding to my post about ordering from small Catholic Internet stores.

I'm pressed for time today, but will try to leave Ian a comment later on; he is thoughtfully addressing some of the things we talked about here, and I think that these things are worth discussing.

Since I'm going to be away for a little while this afternoon, though, perhaps some of my readers might like to visit Ian's blog and leave a comment. If you've ever ordered from Aquinas and More (I haven't) I encourage you to share your experiences either here or there (or at both places if you like).

Back later! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I am not giving up on online Catholic stores.
I do make a note of those I have problems with.

Personally, if the only Catholic store here had the things offered that are online, I would do business with them but they are very behind and stick, or so it seems, with one distributor which carries a VERY limited selection.

Onto department stores, etc. We had a funny instance happen right before Christmas. I was looking for a particular Bose headphone for my husband and the aisle I was on the section for them was empty. I got someone to help me and the guy said "So sorry. Maybe you can order them online or something." I turn to see my husband suppressing a laugh and ask what his problem was. He pulled me 2 feet back to show a display set up for these headphones. They had at least 30.

Ian said...

Hi Erin, I'm looking forward to your reply. Actually, we are the largest on-line Catholic store in the country.