Monday, December 14, 2009

Odd Google Searches of the Week

I'm introducing a new Monday feature today; it will probably be intermittent, like any feature I attempt to introduce. But Mondays are often days when I find it difficult to do much in the way of writing, and I thought it would be fun to try something a little different.

Like most people who use Site Meter or some other tracking program, I will sometimes check in to see not just how many people have read my blog, but how they found me. There are lots of "unknowns," of course, and a few who come in here because someone has linked to something I wrote (and many thanks to all who have done this!), and so forth. But the ones I find most fun are the ones who were doing a search on a string of words or a phrase, and who stumble across this blog that way.

So each week on Monday I'll share some of the ones I've seen in the previous week, especially the interesting or strange.

This Week's Odd Google Searches:

1. "Example of speech choir." I don't know exactly what a "speech choir" is or why people are hoping to find examples of it, but this one has cropped up on several recent occasions.

2. "Essay on Is it okay to lie sometimes." Okay, a homework help search, but I can't help but wonder what teacher assigned that sort of essay topic, and what parameters were set (e.g., is teacher looking for "no" answers--or for "yes"?

3. "Why pro-life people are crazy." Hmmm. Surprised I didn't get a drive-by comment from that searcher.

4. "FLDS Crafts." Wow. Two strikes. I'm not FLDS, and I'm not crafty at all.

5. "3 reasons why you shouldnt buy an artificial christmas tree." Sorry, intrepid searcher; I gave three reasons why I like the durned things.

6. "mark shea torture definition." I'm proud of that one, even though on my computer I don't come up until page 15 of that search on Google. Somebody had to have a lot of patience to go through all those pages of results to find this blog!

That's all for this week's odd searches!


Dawn Farias said...

Oh, what fun! I like the crafty one. Looking forward to Mondays!

LarryD said...

I'll see if I can get on next week's list, even if I have to spend countless hours doing it!!!

Charlotte said...

I'm glad you did this, since I've also been thinking of doing this. My "Hannah Montana: Embryonic Kiddie Porn" essay brings up alot of interesting results!