Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Outrage in Massachusetts

You've probably already seen this today, but it's too outrageous not to talk about:
TAUNTON, Mass. (AP) - An 8-year-old boy was sent home from school and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation after he was asked to make a Christmas drawing and came up with what appeared to be a stick figure of Jesus on a cross, the child's father said Tuesday.

Chester Johnson told WBZ-TV that his son made the drawing on Dec. 2 after his second-grade teacher asked children to sketch something that reminded them of the holiday. [...]

The boy was cleared to return to school on Dec. 7 after the evaluation found nothing to indicate that he posed a threat to himself or others. But his father said the boy was traumatized by the incident and the school district has approved the family's request to have the child transferred to another school.

"They owe my family an apology and the kid an apology and they need to work with my son (to) the best of their ability to get him back to where he was before all this happened," Johnson told New England Cable News.

The father said in the days before the incident the family had gone to the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette in Attleboro, where there are crucifixion statues.

"That was fresh on his mind," he told NECN. "And that was a good thing that he saw."

Bear in mind, if you please, that this is Massachusetts we're talking about. The state where it's legal to read fairy tales about a king falling in love with and marrying another king (because he doesn't like princesses) to children in second grade. The state where it's legal for an eighth-grade teacher to talk about her female partner to students and insist that lesbians do have "intercourse," complete with discussions of how this is possible.

But, apparently, it's frowned upon for a child in school in Massachusetts to draw an image of Christ on a crucifix--because that is "violent."

So destroying children's innocence and purity is not violence, but creating a well-known Christian image is.

Will the last Christian in Massachusetts please extinguish the last sanctuary lamp before leaving this forsaken wasteland of a state?

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Todd said...

This deserves a third label: gullible conservative bloggers