Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Prayers for Sister Quinn

Sister Donna Quinn, the pro-abortion Dominican nun who was recently ordered to stop acting as a clinic escort, apparently can't keep her mouth shut about abortion. Yesterday, she apparently referred to the date of the defeat of the Nelson pro-life Senate amendment as "providential" and said that Our Lady was one of the first to "...express Choice..." Creative Minority Report has the story; please go and read it all.

At the CMR link above you will find the email addresses of Sr. Quinn's superior and of Francis Cardinal George, to whom you can express your thoughts about the idea of a nun calling herself "pro-choice" (which we all know is a euphemism for "pro-abortion") and of denigrating the Blessed Mother by suggesting in any way that she would have supported this diabolical evil called abortion. I don't know what Sr. Quinn's personal issues may be, but she is clearly not fit to speak publicly as a Catholic about any matter relating to abortion. I have sent a letter to Cardinal George asking that Sr. Quinn be forbidden to speak about abortion, and I encourage others to do the same.

I pray that Our Lady may help Sister Quinn see the value of every human life from conception to natural death, and that Sister Quinn's soul will not be in mortal peril for her misguided and disgusting support of abortion. If everyone who reads this post will join me and offer one prayer or act of sacrifice for this intention I am sure our prayers will be heard.

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