Friday, December 4, 2009

Signs for the culture of death

Creative Minority Report has the story that a county in Maryland is following the Baltimore City Council and demanding that crisis pregnancy centers put up certain signs:

As you likely already know the Baltimore City Council passed a first-of-its-kind measure that would fine crisis pregnancy centers $150 a day if they fail to post signs stating they do not "provide or make referrals for abortion or birth-control services. Now Montgomery County, Maryland is following suit.

This is nothing but secular liberalism on the march. If successful, we'll surely be seeing bills like this throughout the country. Have you ever heard of government forcing not-for-profits to publicly post things that they don't do? That's crazy.

Is the abortion industry that covetous of death that they must force the government to infringe on the rights of people, to ensure that they have a crack at talking women into abortion?

CMR is, if you'll forgive the phrase, dead right here.

In related news, America has expanded funding for the murder of embryos so we can experiment on their tiny cells:

The Obama administration has begun approving new lines of human embryonic stem cells that are eligible for federally funded experiments, opening the way for millions of taxpayer dollars to be used to conduct research that was put off-limits by President George W. Bush. [...]

But the announcement was condemned by opponents of the research, who argued that the work is not only unethical but unnecessary, because of the availability of adult stem cells and other more recently identified alternatives.

"Ethically, we don't think any taxpayer should have to fund research that relies on destroying early human life at any stage," said Richard M. Doerflinger of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. "But the tragedy of this is multiplied by the fact that no one can think what the problem is that can only be solved by these cells."

If the crisis pregnancy centers are going to be forced to put up signs saying they don't provide abortions, I think they ought to be worded as follows:


Since the tragic and unjust decisions handed down by the United States Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade and its companion decision, Doe v. Bolton, it has been the legal policy of the United States of America to consider all human beings from the moment of conception until the moment of birth to be worthless trash, unworthy of the constitutional protection of their lives, a whole class of humans who may be killed with impunity at any time prior to birth for any reason.

At present the United States is promoting an aggressive policy of killing some of these humans in their embryonic stage, solely to experiment on their cells in the so-far unrealized "hope" of finding cures for disease. To say, therefore, that the policies and practices of the United States government in terms of unborn human life would seem to lean heavily toward a preference for the destruction of that life is not an exaggeration.

State and local governments are also biased in favor of the death and destruction of unborn human life, which they fund, promote, and support in a myriad of laws and policies. So strong is their bias for the practice of the direct, intentional killing of unborn humans, a practice which is called "abortion," that they have passed a law mandating that our clinic should make it clear that we do not provide abortions, that is, that we do not kill innocent unborn humans at any stage between conception and birth.

So let us be clear: we will not kill your unborn human baby who is presently growing inside your womb. We will not refer you to someone else whom you can pay to kill your unborn human child for you, either. We do not participate in any way in the vast and grave moral evil that is abortion. We accept none of the many state and local funds which promote and support abortion in our state, and we do not think the solution to poverty is to make sure that poor women kill their unborn babies in great numbers.

What we will do for you is help you and your baby. We think both of you have infinite worth, and deserve the loving help and support of the community at this time of crisis in your lives. We will, to the best of our ability, help you with doctor visits, supplies for your child who is to be born, and basic necessities like food, clothing, and shelter; we may, depending on your circumstances and state of need, have other services and opportunities available to you as well.

What we will not do, again, is kill your unborn baby, help you find someone else who will kill your unborn baby, or in any way support, condone, or promote the killing of your unborn baby. Frankly, though, since the federal, state, and local governments are all ready and eager to hook you up with someone who will kill your unborn baby by poisoning, dismemberment, or a variety of other gruesome procedures, you probably wouldn't be here in the first place if what you really wanted at this time of crisis was to kill your unborn human child.


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Rebecca said...

Why aren't Planned Parenthoods required to have signs stating that they will not provide counseling for adoption, will not provide support for women who choose to continue their pregnancies, will not give clothing for the baby and the mother?

j. christian said...

I'm very much in favor of making crisis pregnancy centers post "We don't do abortions" signs... on the condition that abortion clinics are required to post a sign stating "This clinic does not support the belief in the intrinsic worth and dignity of every human life." Or maybe "This clinic does not believe someone is a 'person' unless a third party agrees to it." That's a fair trade, I'd say.