Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An unholy Nativity scene

A lot of us, this time of year, tend to grumble about the secular commercialization of Christmas. We frown at the life-sized inflatable Santas looming over the "Holiday" aisle in the discount store; we gasp at gaudy Christmas trees decked with cartoon characters which aren't even remotely related to Christmas; we cringe at commercials on television with their tacky, thinly-veiled plea for us to turn Christmas into a holiday which celebrates shopping and frivolous expenditure.

But we've got to remember that all of this, that all these uses by stores and business of secular Christmas or generic "Holiday" themes, could be much, much worse. They could decide to sell their useless, cheap trinkets by commercializing and blaspheming the real Christmas story:

LOS ANGELES -- A clothing store on Robertson Boulevard is causing a stir with a new window display -- a nativity scene with very sexual undertones.

Madison clothing store, located at W. 3rd Street and Robertson Boulevard, has put up a nativity scene featuring a scantily-clad Virgin Mary sprawled on the ground with a glittery, golden baby Jesus in her lap.

Three wise men, looking more sexy than wise, surround Mary, carrying gifts from the store.

Some people have complained about the display, calling it risqué.

Warning: don't click on the link unless you're prepared to see one of the images being used by this business; I'd call it "blasphemous," because "risque" doesn't even remotely begin to describe how outrageous it really is.

Oh, but this is Los Angeles, after all. It's trendy to poke fun at religion. Not Islam, of course. Or Judaism. Or Buddhism. Or Scientology (especially not Scientology). Or the Kabbalah thing, or the various varieties of neo-paganism, or strange cults involving vegan sacrifice, ritualistic recycling, and supercilious smug chanting of the Greenpeace website motto. But Christianity--now, that's comedy gold. It's not like anyone takes that stuff seriously--well, nobody one knows, that is.

And from being the target of endless late-night jokes and endless movie smut, Christianity has now, in Los Angeles, become something which can be distorted offensively and then used to sell stuff--because isn't that the true meaning of Christmas?

Maybe it wasn't so bad when retailers just shoved secular Christmas kitsch at us relentlessly from late August to the end of December. At least the saccharine portrayals of Rudolph or Frosty aren't designed to blaspheme against God, insult His mother, mock His Incarnation, and offend all of His followers just to sell some trashy two-bit goods to the hopelessly trendy citizens of Los Angeles.


LarryD said...

I'm speechless. I can scarcely imagine the unholy, horrific tortures reserved in Hell for blasphemers as this.

Anonymous said...

I've not gone to the website to view it, only imagining that it's disrespectful. But, but, in my town a creche was banned from being displayed on the courthouse lawn for several years in a row. Why can this happen? Surely, this year the man with the open bed truck set up with a manger scene will not have to drive downtown to park his lighted display nightly?

freddy said...

Phillipians 3:18-19
"For many walk, of whom I have told you often (and now tell you weeping), that they are enemies of the cross of Christ; whose end is destruction; whose God is their belly; and whose glory is in their shame; who mind earthly things."

Annie said...

This is totally and completely outrageous. I appreciate your well written blog on the matter....

Elizabeth K. said...

I hate living in L.A. I really, really do.