Thursday, January 21, 2010

Announcing a home for the Coalition for Clarity

I've been overwhelmed by the positive response to yesterday's post calling for a Coalition for Clarity. Because I think it would be better if this group had an actual, rather than a theoretical existence, I've taken the liberty of setting up a blog titled Coalition for Clarity.

I envision this as a group blog, comprised of any faithful Catholic who would like to post about torture and torture-related topics in the light of Church teachings. It would primarily exist as a way for bloggers who already write about torture to share their posts on a blog dedicated to the topic, but original content would be great, too.

I explain a lot more here; if you are a Catholic blogger who writes (or who would like to write) about torture from a truly Catholic perspective, please send me an email to the address on my sidebar so I can invite you to be a contributor on the Coalition for Clarity blog.

If you had asked me yesterday, I would have told you honestly that I had no plans whatsoever to create a formal "Coalition for Clarity" group blog. But there's clearly a need, and the positive response from so many bloggers whom I really respect makes it seem like setting up at least a temporary home for the group is a good idea.


Anonymous said...

You can sign me up!

I am just a Catholic who is trying out how to work for life and to take back my country. I think that the USA is on a horrific path right now because our courts have lost the idea that our rights come from God and this is malaise is spreading. This is beyond political parties.

I am proud to be part of your coalition.

Vickie Hoffmann
Bethesda, Maryland

Red Cardigan said...

Vickie, may I add your name to the "Members" section of the new Coalition for Clarity blog?

Christopher said...
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Christopher said...

I support this 100%. I too agree Torture is evil. The clarity I seek is the extent to which the U.S. actually does torture and whether it is some form of accepted U.S. policy. Unfortunately, in some quarters, when confronted with countless dubious claims of torture mixed in with the actual cases of it, seeking that clarity is tantamount to "defending torture".

Will the Coalition for Clarity be a place for actually examining honestly the use of torture as well, or does agreeing that it is evil, require one to believe every allegation of it.

Anonymous said...



Mark P. Shea said...


You've been "seeking clarity" for six years now. Perhaps you should see an optometrist.