Saturday, January 2, 2010

A blog you should be reading

I'm so excited to get to share with you a brand-new blog that you need to read, add to your blogroll, etc. It's called Coming Home, and it's being written by Gerard M. Nadal, a Catholic pro-life microbiologist whose knowledge and grasp of the medical side of human life issues is absolutely invaluable to pro-life bloggers everywhere.

I've added Gerry's blog to my blogroll, and will probably be quoting him all the time! For example, here's a bit from his most recent post:

Abortion and abortion’s apologists have succeeded in twisting and distorting even a once-objective, just-the-facts, and statistically-oriented discipline as Public Health. In the not-so distant past, pregnancy was defined in medical textbooks as the result of fertilization of egg by sperm. Now it’s defined as implantation of the embryo in the uterus. Semantics? Hardly.

This represents a fundamental shift that protects the in vitro fertilization industry. If pregnancy is defined by implantation, then there is hardly an ethical hurdle when it comes to sifting through dozens of embryo’s in search of the ‘most fit’. Some might call them ‘keepers’. The rest may simply be discarded.

The in vitro fertilization industry and its related embryonic stem cell research industry, which makes use of ‘leftover’ embryos in frozen storage, serve as a bulwark for abortion, appealing to utilitarian sentiments regarding the alleviation of emotional and physical suffering, respectively.

You need to be reading this blog. Trust me!


Jeff Miller said...

Have been reading it over the last 2 weeks and I agree - good stuff.

Gerard Nadal said...


I'm humbled by your hearty endorsement. It means quite a bit to me coming from you. If questions arise in the life-issues that I may be of assistance in answering, shoot me a message.

I'm in the midst of reordering my life's work and going down the pro-life path as a career. The blog is the first step. We'll see where God leads next.

Thanks again Erin, and you as well Jeff.

God Bless,