Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prayers for Haiti

I've been looking through the news reports and photos of the terrible earthquake disaster in Haiti; how can we react to such an awful catastrophe except with prayer, first and foremost, and then if we are able with generosity?

The Anchoress has a marvelous post up at First Things which gives tons of links to relief organizations who are accepting donations for Haiti. I have to second her recommendation to give via Food for the Poor, as we have donated through their organization before, and have always been impressed with their range of service to the poor and their commitment to making sure that the vast majority of the donation they receive goes directly to the programs to help the poor, not to administration or fundraising.

Since the Anchoress' post went up, Food for the Poor has created a page specifically for those who wish to donate to relief efforts following the Haiti earthquake. That link takes you directly to a page where you can donate to this effort. I will post the link in my sidebar as well for the time being.

Of course, there are many excellent charities and relief organizations out there who are poised to come to the aid of the suffering in Haiti. The important thing here, I think, is to prayerfully discern what the Lord is calling you to do in the wake of this terrible tragedy, and then to do it. There are some who are truly unable to give even the smallest amount of money--but I would encourage everyone to consider if that is really the case in your family right now, because even donations of a few dollars will be put to good use by the relief agencies. We should never be too proud to give a five or ten dollar donation if that's all we can realistically afford.

Anyone who is aware of the Church's ongoing missionary efforts in Haiti knows how desperately poor this nation and so many of her people are; a tragedy like this would be devastating even to a much wealthier nation, but for people who already have so little it is not too much to say of the survivors of this quake that their very lives are on the line. As we remember the people of Haiti in our fervent prayers in the coming days, let's not forget to be grateful to the Lord for our own blessings, and ask Him to help us discern the best way to share these blessings with the poor in their hour of need.


Geoff G. said...

To second Erin's post, I'll point out that (according to Charity Navigator), Food for the Poor does an excellent job of getting contributions to where they're needed, not swallowing them up in bureaucracy.

Anonymous said...

Keep Haiti in Our Prayers
I just want to take the time to send out my thoughts and prayers to all the people in Haiti and all others who have been affected by this earthquake! My blessings go out to all of you and may GOD bless and comfort you in your time of need.
For those interested in helping immediately, you can text "HAITI" to "90999" and give a donation of $10 which will automatically go to the Red Cross to help with the relief efforts and charges will go to your cell phone bill and/or you can text “YELE” to 501501 which will automatically donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Fund to help with the relief efforts in Haiti and charges will be billed to your cell phone.

You can also go online to organizations like the Red Cross and Mercy Corps and YELE.ORG to make a contribution to the disaster relief efforts to help those survivors struggling in Haiti.
My condolences go out to all who have lost friends, family, loved ones and their homes in the 7.0 earthquake on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2010 in Haiti. God bless those who are left and RIP to those who lost their lives.