Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Many prayers for a miracle

Rod Dreher has posted more details about his ill family member here. His sister has cancer, and the situation is very serious indeed.

So serious is it that Rod writes:
"We need a miracle. We really, really do. And we need it fast. If you pray, think of Ruthie. We who love her, Mike and their children can do a lot for them, but the one thing we can't do is save her life."
It seems to me that when a person asks for a miracle, we ought to pray for one. And, to help us, we might ask for the intercession of a Catholic whose present status is "venerable" or "blessed," since a true verifiable medical miracle is always important to that person's cause for canonization--not for their benefit, of course, but for our own, because having recourse to the saints in our prayers and daily lives is a great gift God gives us, for His glory.

Therefore, I would like to ask that those of you who join me in praying for Ruthie Leming might ask for two things:

1. A complete and miraculous healing from all the cancer in her body, and
2. That this healing be accomplished by the intercession of Father Solanus Casey, whom you can read about here.

May God be with Ruthie Leming and her family at this frightening time; and may He grant, through the intercession of Father Solanus Casey, a complete and miraculous healing to Ruthie from all the cancer in her body, for His glory and the strengthening of our faith. Amen.


Kindred Spirit said...

I offer my prayers for this intention to be granted through Father Solanus Casey's intercession ad majorem Dei gloriam.

Roland de Chanson said...

Thank you for posting this, Erin. I have left a message on Rod's blog requesting the intercession of Fr. Casey.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

If I were going to ask for intercession, although as a non-Catholic I'm not sure God operates quite like that, my choices would be Father James Guadalupe Carney, or Dorothy Day. But prayer by all means. We know who ultimately receives all prayers.