Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The facade continues to crack

Giselle at Life-after-RC has an amazing post which includes interviews with some of Maciel's "family" members:

Synopsis from mExRC:

A brief chronology of this story:

- Circa 1976. 56-year-old José Rivas (Marcial Maciel) meets and literally woos 19-year-old Blanca Lara, in Tijuana. MM claims he's a widower seeking a girl to marry and start a family. He never fulfills his promise to get married, though, and they move to Cuernavaca.

MM tells Blanca that he works at Shell, and also as a private detective, and for the CIA, and other lies.

Although he claims to be José Rivas, when the time comes to register son Raúl, Maciel uncovers another Birth Certificate under the last name González, and all three children are registered under this last name.
- Circa 1977. MM adopts 1-year-old Omar, son of Blanca from a previous relationship.
I can't even post the rest, because it's so horrific. You need to go to Giselle's post and read it.

Or you could just read this Associated Press report:

A Mexican woman charged Wednesday that the deceased, scandal-tainted founder of a conservative Roman Catholic religious order led a double life and fathered two children with her.

Blanca Lara Gutierrez said she met the Rev. Marcial Maciel in the border city of Tijuana in the 1970s, but didn't know he was a priest. She said he passed himself off as an employee of an international oil company, a private investigator and a CIA agent.

The Legionaries of Christ, the order founded by Maciel, acknowledged in February 2009 in connection with other cases that he had fathered a daughter and molested seminarians.

During a radio interview Wednesday, Lara Gutierrez charged that Maciel, who died in 2008 at age 87, sexually abused one of his two sons with her as well as a son she had from a previous relationship. The sons, now adults named Jose Raul and Omar, said the abuse went on for years.

The Vatican, which has been investigating the order over the earlier allegations against Maciel, did not have any immediate comment on what Lara Gutierrez and her sons told MVS radio Wednesday.

The order's Mexican headquarters did not answer its phone. Jim Fair, a U.S.-based spokesman for the Legionaries, said he didn't know anything more than what was broadcast in Mexico about the woman, her children and Maciel.

I will grant that there needs to be a thorough investigation to determine the truth of these horrible allegations. That said, though, I wonder how many more sickeningly credible, damaging revelations about Maciel will surface before the facade that is the Legion cracks entirely, revealing the stench of the whited sepulcher that lays beyond?


Bigtex said...

I just want to remind people who read your blog:

If you have participated in fundraising as the Highland's School in Irving - you have helped raise money for this man and the structure which kept him in luxuries and gave him victims to abuse.

If you have children in Challenge or Conquest and they have raised money for the 'missions', your own children have supported the structure to make this possible.

Pure Fashion, Familia, Women for the Third Millenium, National Catholic Register, are all apostolates that raise money for the Legion every year.

Whatever 'good' you think you are getting from participating in these groups, it is not worth the evil that they have made possible.

People have been duped and deceived by the Legion. People have been used and manipulated by the Legion. But now that some of the seamy underbelly is exposed, do not continue to support and defend these institutions.

Anonymous said...

Not having any idea of this awful travesty (out of RC Church attendance for 18 of last 30 years), nor any idea of its importance and impact as Bigtex alludes, I can only in some impartiality suggest that it seems time for those firm believers in the Legion (is this the Legion of Mary that my mother belonged to 40+ yeara ago?) to receive some upper management direction, peel scales from eyes en masse, disband, and set about righting the wrongs for which members unknowingly participated.

(I'm trying to fathom how these past participants should go about resolving the trauma of being duped. Would one consider it analogous to being in the Gestapo or innocently reporting information to KGB operatives?) It doesn't seem from my non-participatory standpoint out here in the middle of a cornfield that it should be at all difficult for the group to close up shop, mourn the depth of deception, and carry on. I mean, is there evidence or doubt or anything left that sounds like the widow has reason to tell a lie?

It shouldn't be so difficult to realize from all that I've read at Red's blog that this charlatan scammed a bunch of devout people, then help them on the road to 'recovery' of this 'crime' unless there is some sort of hold-up at the level of the Vatican equivocating about the direction of moral imperatives.

I'm a firm believer in lancing a boil, removing all the pus and dead matter, and cleansing with an astringent or antiseptic to allow recovery and granulation for healing (as a physiological simile).


Rebecca said...

Zircon, I tend to agree with you.

BTW the Legion of Mary has nothing to do with the Legionaries of Christ.