Wednesday, April 28, 2010


First, click here.

Then, click here.

(Okay, so we have to wait until Advent 2011, most likely, to start using them at Mass. But still.)


bearing said...


LarryD said...

That head-exploding sound you just heard was the editorial staff at the National Catholic Distorter.

Liz said...

Those who criticized Bishop LeFebvre and other lovers of the Tridentine Mass are now suggesting that priests just ignore the new missal and keeping on using the old one. Perhaps they would like to go into schism? Please would they just do that and leave the rest of us to be Catholics in union with the Holy Father. To have the awful English version of the creed imposed by the ICEL (which makes it sound like Jesus became man after he was born) finally eliminated is worth whatever awkwardness there will be in learning the new responses. So some of the sung parts of the Mass will not fit the new text? Well praise the Lord for that. Let's ditch all the silly seventies music along with the inaccurate text. Perhaps the reform of the reform has really begun!

My response like Erin's is a hearty singing of the Hallelujah chorus (even if it was written by a Protestant!).