Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Episcopal church going to the dogs...

DANVERS, Mass. — A Massachusetts church is scheduled to launch a new monthly worship service — for dogs. Calvary Episcopal Church will offer later this month its first "Perfect Paws Pet Ministry" aimed at giving area pooches and their owners improved odds at getting canines into heaven. The Danvers church plans to hold the service on the third Sunday of every month, complete with communion for the humans and special blessings for pets. Dogs will get special treats.
The article goes on to mention that "...well-mannered, leashed dogs are invited." Hmmm. Not very inclusive, are they? What about dogs with intense fears of the leash, or whose manners are best described as "spirited"?

Still, in a spirit of kindly ecumenism, I'd be happy to offer some of the songs from this list, slightly altered, for these canine worship services:

On Beagles' Wings
Here I am, Lord (Here! Here! Here!)
Be Not Afraid (of the mailman)
We Are Called (for our supper)
Let There Be Paws on Earth

(Lyrics supplied upon request.)


Pauli said...

"...well-mannered, leashed dogs are invited."

I.e., Protestant dogs. But do they know their cat-echism?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Pauli, are you insinuating that Catholics are not well mannered? Or that they are indulgent with their pets?

I generally don't care what the Episcopalians are doing, because I have not adhered to their church, submitted to their doctrine, nor do I attend their services or pay tithes or offerings to their church.

But this tendency to anthropomorphize animals is a bit much. Erin apparently loves cats, but I bet she knows the difference between a cat and a human being. Nothing in Genesis says that God breathed into a feline's nostrils and it became a living soul.

On the other hand, there are Roman Catholic priests who bless the animals every so often, and St. Francis is often invoked. So, where DO we draw the line?

Barbara C. said...

I was just thinking about this yesterday when I passed a car with a large bone-shaped magnet that said, "I (heart) My Granddog".

Anything that is blessed within the Catholic Church is meant to inspire the owner to focus more on Christ, whether it's water, a medal, a house, or a dog. Blessings do not to turn something into a magical talisman.

Not that I don't enjoy animals and would not want any cruelty to befall them, the idea that they or their owners needed to be concerned with their salvation is just absurd.

Jeannette said...

"None of our recruitment efforts have been working, but this study shows that our beliefs appeal to non-humans."

Gerard Nadal said...


No doubt they'll read the Hound of Heaven at services

LarryD said...

Well, after all, God spelled backwards is 'dog'.

Here's another hymn:

"Iams The Bread of Life"

Red Cardigan said...

Oh, man, Larry. I wish I'd thought of that one! :)

chimakuni said...

I am waiting for the first discrimination suit filings ... from the cats, from the pigs, from the rats...

Siarlys Jenkins said...

The first suits would be filed by upscale owners of pampered dogs in San Francisco who insist that their pets are people... or perhaps godlings. Oh, I should perhaps have said "guardians" not "owners," which I hear is now the law in San Francisco. So gland I'm not there anymore.