Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I sure hope she's kidding...

A commenter posting on the comment thread beneath the article about the Legion statement at the National Catholic Register writes:

How is it that a man who has never had a hearing could be deemed guilty by so many people?

It is impossible for this man to be guilty, as the fruits of his work are vast and his writings, if you are living a sacramental life, you will read with an enlightened mind and know they are the work of the Holy Spirit. The work of the Legion and of Father Maciel has countered the errors of modernism that have entered the Church. It would follow that Satan wants to destory this work.

Those who are so quick to question the Pope on the infallible authority of his teachings on morals and faith, are the same people who take a communique (with no name as to who wrote it) as infallible.

There was not trial, but his man has been condemned. There is a reason Christ gave us the eighth beatitude.

I sure hope "Elizabeth" is kidding, but I'm afraid she isn't--which is why any reformation of the Legion is going to take years and years of concentrated effort of a purgative nature.


Anonymous said...

When a post like that gets a few hot responses that get nothing but dead air, someone suggests it's satirical and they're usually right. Read the thread and I think the poster was having a good laugh at their expense.

Anonymous said...

Posted by Jane on Tuesday, May 4, 2010 10:28 AM (EST):

@ Elizabeth: I assume and dearly hope you are being sarcastic and poking fun. May I suggest this is not a laughing matter?

Half marks for poor Jane. Her final suggestion is almost as funny as Elizabeth's.

Red Cardigan said...

Well, like I said--I sure *hope* she's kidding.

The problem is that there have been some quotes coming from some people inside the Legion which are pretty darned close to this one. If this is satire--and sure, it probably is--it hits pretty close to the mark.

Nat said...

There's an RC Facebook discussion from last year where an "Alvaro" did a spot on impression and got deleted from the discussion. A poster known to the other posters managed a series of apparently sincere posts with the following highlights:

"...just because Fr Marcial did something wrong (oh my goodness he sinned!??) doesn't mean that he is evil. Does not mean that God cannot work through him. We cannot JUDGE Fr Marcial, especially when we do NOT know all the facts!!! You cannot honestly tell me that you can condemn a man and his character on small snippets that we have received by the media and the legion and those who accuse him. Yes he had a mistress and a child and goodness knows what else, but have you spoken to him about why or got his side of the story...You cannot just give up and let go of a movement/order like that. Plus does that mean the Catholic Church should be dismissed and started again? I mean Peter was a great sinner - he RENOUNCED Christ not once but THREE times..."

So you never know if its paws or claws behind the keyboard.


Beth said...

Whether is was meant as satire or not I am sure this attitude is prevalent in the Legion/RC. Imagine for decades your spiritual life is built around MM and his writings. The devastating psychologial impact of knowing you have been duped is catastrophic. Denial is a good defence mechanism.

All in all it does not sound like a good deal of psychological health has been built into the Legion with the way things were set up by MM. All these years being told it was a sin to even suggest anything negative.

I feel sadness for all of these people who must be feeling intense disillusionment right now. I pray that they get the direction they need.

At the very least the Vatican needs to put a stop to any new members until at least somethings are straightened out. I find it hard to believe though that a man discerning the priesthood would pick this order now.

TROLL said...

People need to go and read Elizabeth's second comment.

Anonymous said...

Troll, I suspect the second "Elizabeth" comment is from an altogether different Elizabeth.


Anonymous said...

An LC priest told a friend this week that Maciel is definitely a saint and will be vindicated one day. And no, I'm not joking nor being satirical--nor was this older priest who truly believes the Maciel Myth.

As preposterous as this sounds to outsiders, there are at least some people on the inside who really DO still believe in the "grand narrative" of the persecuted Saint Maciel.

Thanks to the communique, I do believe more and more eyes are being opened. But there are definitely those who are still very much blinded by the deforming system of power that the Pope so denounces.