Monday, June 7, 2010

Circumstances have conspired... keep me from blogging today.

First, of course, there was the great Flyover Country Blogger Outage, wherein bloggers who do not live on one of the country's two important coasts that count did not get to blog for most of the day. (Hat tip to Charlotte who noticed the regional disparity and mentioned it to me in a phone call.) ;)

Then, there was the move of our choir practice to tonight, because our young pianist graduates from high school this Thursday. Congratulations to him and to all graduates!

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LarryD said...

Yeah, I got hit with that mysterious regional outage as well. It was a tough cross, but I managed to survive.

Cute pic - I know how that cat feels, and I have a much bigger reach! Looks like he's trying to play a piece by Meowzart.