Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hatchick!

Today our dear youngest girl, affectionately nicknamed "Hatchick" on this blog for her enduring and endearing love of hats, celebrates her 12th birthday! That's right--my "baby" turns 12 today! Wow--where has all the time gone?

We got an early start on the festivities with a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo yesterday. We've been wanting to see their new "Museum of Living Art" exhibit for a while, and it was well worth the trip! Not only were the reptiles, amphibians, snakes etc. well-displayed and interesting to see, but the MOLA has some outdoor exhibits we didn't realize were there, including three ring-tailed lemurs and a couple of adorable Golden Lion Tamarins! We all enjoyed Hatchick's choice to visit the zoo very much.

Today, we're continuing the party with a big brunch (she's my breakfast girl, more likely to warm up interesting leftovers than to reach for "boring" prepackaged breakfast foods), some gift-opening and cake decorating (she chose a carrot cake this year!) and, weather cooperating, perhaps a trip to a nearby park a bit later.

Hatchick is a bright, creative, energetic young lady! Each weekday she writes and sends out a little "e-newspaper" to our extended family, and she enjoys getting articles and submissions for this paper from her aunts, uncles, and cousins. She's also started to include her own comics, which follow the adventures of a character she created called "Sneaky Ninja Dude," a ninja stick-figure who is often tormented by his sidekick, "Crazy Cat." Here, for the first time beyond the family newspaper, is a Sneaky Ninja Dude strip:

Happy birthday, Hatchick! You have a great sense of humor, and a wonderful personality all around. I'm proud of you, and the beautiful young lady you are quickly becoming!


freddy & everybody said...

Happy Birthday, Hatchick! And God bless you always!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! May you have many, many years of opportunity to love and be loved!