Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Feast of the Sacred Heart

Our celebrations for Hatchick's birthday tomorrow started early, with a trip to the zoo this afternoon. People talk about atheism in foxholes, but I admit--I could never be an atheist in a zoo, seeing the amazing variety of God's animal creation.

Today, of course, is the feast of the Sacred Heart. We've sung this lovely hymn at our parish before, and I wanted to share it here. The tune can be heard here; it's called "To Jesus' Heart All Burning," and is written by Rev. A.J. Christie, S.J.

To Jesus' Heart all burning
With fervent love for men
My heart with fondest yearning
Shall raise the joyful strain.

While ages course along,
Blest be with loudest song
The Sacred Heart of Jesus
By ev'ry heart and tongue
The Sacred Heart of Jesus
By ev'ry heart and tongue.

O heart for me on fire,
With love no man can speak,
My yet untold desire,
God gives me for Thy sake


Happy Feast of the Sacred Heart!

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