Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wow. Eight women, one minute...newsworthy?

It's sometimes amazing what the secular media will choose to cover, in regard to Catholic news. For instance, consider the coverage of a one-minute, eight women protest at the Vatican:

VATICAN CITY — Eight Roman Catholic women staged a one-minute demonstration for women's ordination Tuesday in St Peter's Square before police intervened.

The protesters wearing lavender stoles, the symbol of the movement for women's ordination, unfurled banners reading "Born to be priests" and "Vocation is important, not gender" in the illegal protest.

Three police officers, two in a golf cart and one on foot, stopped the protest, the fourth such action according to Erin Hanna, head of the US-based Women's Ordination Conference, admitting that they had no permit.

"If women don't do it, no one will," Colette Joyce of London, an activist from a group of would-be women priests called New Wine, told AFP, saying she was "terrified" of the reaction in her parish when she returned home.

The women timed the protest to coincide with the final days of the Vatican's Year for Priests.

Is it wrong that I'm chortling over the fact that the women had to leave because they didn't bother getting a permit to protest? When you don't think the rules apply to you, I guess that goes for everything.

But--come on. Eight women? I attend a small mission parish, and I bet I could find three or four times that many people to gather in support of the Year for Priests, given ten minutes' advance notice after any Sunday Mass. Give me a whole week to plan it (and permission from my pastor), and I'd probably get a crowd of 75 to 100 people to march around our parish property.

Still, to the secular media this is news--and not only news, but as one news service decided to present the story, it's news of a "growing momentum" of Catholic women's ordination supporters who have been propelled by clerical sexual abuse to agitate for female ordination and married ordination (because women and married men have never, ever abused anybody, right?). I must admit, if eight women represents a "growing momentum," then things on the heretical women-priest front are better than I suspected, and the movement will likely die a natural death as the frustrated priestess-wannabees gravitate toward churches which already ordain women.

I mean, this does have the hint of desperation about it, does it not:

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What would a post like this one be without a song parody? Here it is:

Make me a Catholic Woman Priest (to the tune of "Make me a Channel of Your Peace")

Make me a Catholic Woman Priest,
I've got this really nifty purple stole,
I'll wear it on the altar--pretty please,
And match it with some shoes by Kenneth Cole.

Make me a Catholic Woman Priest,
My gender shouldn't matter much at all,
And though you might find this hard to believe,
I was watching "Oprah" when I heard the call.

Oh, sure, Christ didn't ordain any gals,
But maybe He just made a small mistake,
We're misunderstood, so we make a stand,
And the Pope can jump into the nearest lake...

Make me a Catholic Woman Priest,
I've got tie-dyed vestments hidden in my home,
I want what I want and I want it now,
Don't expect me to respect the decrees of Rome.


Anonymous said...

Women priests is as about as dead a movement as one can get. I remember on an Amazon review of a book defending male-only priesthood (written by a sister religious) someone commenting that sure, he accepted male-only priesthood but guess what? The Church hasn't explicitly defined what "maleness" is, hence the door was still open. You know a movement is dead when all that is left is language games.

I don't think it is wrong to chortle at the situation of 8 people being a "growing movement", but it is quite sad when someone is so hitched to dissent from a clearly settled teaching that they can't give it up.

LarryD said...

Brilliant song, Erin! I wish I had thought of it first!

Yes - 8 protesters IS a growing movement...growing older and growing more irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

My husband was looking at the news about this and my 8 year old son asked me why the ladies were protesting.So I explained that they were unhappy that the Church can not allow them to be priests, thinking this would be the end of it. He thought for a minute..then piped up with "Know what I think? I think they are just looking to be the center of attention and in charge of things. That is not what a priest is about..it is about loving and serving the Lord if He calls you to do that".....

Red Cardigan said...

Out of the mouths of babes, anonymous! That's terrific!

Siarlys Jenkins said...

It seems to me that these women could simply join the Episcopal church and obtain ordination, if they pick the right diocese. Otherwise, they could become Methodists.

I belong to a church that decided, in the 1870s, that the discipline of the church should not prevent it from making use of those God was pleased to call. In short, women are admitted to all levels of ministry. My Coptic friend always comments with derisive good humor about this as a violation of Scripture. He may be right. The Roman Catholic Church may be right. I don't think so. But we really don't ALL have to conform to some lowest common denominator.

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

I needed this laugh more than anything today- thank so much for that genius song parody!!

(Haven't stopped by in a while, but am still a huge fan!)

Anonymous said...

in my RCIA class the *priest* talked about how he felt it was inevitable that we would have female priests, and married priests... and soon.

the three of us who were Preacher's Kids were the three RCIA people who very strongly and loudly protested.

my father constantly had to juggle his duties betyween his parish family, and his mundane family. i lived my life in fear that i would "disgrace the family" by behaving.... well like a normal teen. because "my father was a minister, and you are supposed to (insert know better/know that/be perfect)"

and a woman, speaking practically? well even in modern life most of the child rearing and family life falls on women.. imagine if it was my MOTHER who was a minister? ouch.

but i am not the only RCIA story of a Priest giving false /heretical instruction...

The Expatriate said...

Why would they want to be part of a church hierarchy that is obviously corrupt and misogynistic? They should do what intelligent Catholics do: leave the Church. I did, and can testify from my experience that it benefited my quality of life.