Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Status report

The last bit of put together furniture has been put together, there are bags and boxes of things for charity accumulating in the living room, and slowly, a bit at a time, we're driving back the indefatigable clutter-monster.

I got a mailing today from these people. They were specifically asking for donations to help purchase rice for starving families in the third world. A $10 donation gets a 50-lb. bag of rice sent where it's needed.

Not all clutter is a moral problem. Junk mail comes even when we beg companies to take us off their mailing lists; children outgrow clothing and shoes at an impossible rate, books multiply on the shelves of homeschooling families, and generous friends and family give gifts and share what they have. But some clutter comes into our lives because we're thinking that ten-dollar gizmo or knickknack would be nice to have--and hey, it's only ten dollars.

Before I get back to folding three loads of laundry before calling it a night, I think I need to hit the donation button. Some clutter is a moral problem. Mine.

UPDATE: Know what's worse than pulling out the last load of laundry you need to fold at a quarter to midnight? Pulling out the last load, seeing something in the dryer that looks like a biggish piece of lint, and grabbing it...

...only to find out that it's a very dead, very dry tiny gecko.

[Insert highly-creeped-out noise here.]


Kindred Spirit said...

I got the same mailing yesterday, and I felt the same way that you did, Erin. Ten dollars seems so little to those of us who have enough to eat and clean water to drink. Food For The Poor is one of my favorite charities: they do so much good for so little money. I'm so glad that you posted this. May God bless you for helping to feed the hungry.

Deirdre Mundy said...

Erin-- if I found a dead Gecko in the dryer, I might never venture into my laundryroom again--- unless it could be definitively proven that he was dead BEFORE he got mixed with the laundry.

I'm really squeamish about accidently killing animals....(mice are another story...well, not really. I cry when I kill them too, I just figure it's justified!)