Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to school blogging ahead

Taking a leaf from my dear sister-in-law's book, I decided to start our school year today. Originally I was going to start on August 16, or maybe August 23, or...well, sometime before Labor Day, anyway. Or just after...

But three things made me decide to go ahead and start early. First, there is the weather--with triple-digit temperatures in the forecast from last week until...oh, who are we kidding, there's no end in sight--it made sense to crack open the books and harness time that would otherwise be spent indoors doing not a whole lot of anything productive.

Second, there's the amazing fact that the books, many of which I didn't order until the last week of July, all showed up by the middle of last week. I thought I was being foolishly optimistic to hope they'd all arrive by the 16th, but there they were, just waiting to be used.

Third, there's the reality that with the older two girls now both in high school I know that starting in late August or early September is setting ourselves up for a year of the frustrating game of catch-up. Kitten and I had a lot of "ironing out" to do after last year's work (some of which continued into the summer), and I wanted to start early enough for my high school girls to get a good handle on their material early on.

So we took today as a "planning day" to get our schedules organized, to look over new material, and to go right ahead and do math because you might as well take that particular leap as soon as possible. :) Our first full day will be tomorrow.

Blogging may get a little sporadic after that, though I'm going to keep attempting to post something every weekday. If I don't...just blame the math.

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