Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Surrogate: a guest post

Yesterday I received what is probably the highest compliment I've ever been paid as a writer: a reader sent me a poem inspired by yesterday's blog post. Joshua is a 27-year-old Catholic who teaches religion at a Catholic school; he is clearly a talented poet as well, and I am honored for his gracious permission to post his poem here:


Where is the one within whose womb my flesh
Was knit together, and my bones built up?
Where is she, she who freely shared her lifeblood-
No, not freely; yet still she, the living cup
Into which I was poured like a libation
Offered to your vain conceit;
Where is she?

You bought her flesh though you despised its form,
And bloodless want demanded you conceive
My life within a dish beneath harsh fixtures
Shining unlight into eyes that will deceive
And cast into a pride-stoked conflagration
Nature, who you longed to cheat;
Where is she?

Her laughter never cheered my soul to joy.
Her kiss soothed not my youthful sufferings.
How can a man be man without a mother?
Life's bright fountain from both man and woman springs!
Yet water brings not life to desolation
When Pride sits in Reason's seat.
Where is she?

Nine months of life is sold; its value set
By market forces. Then what is the price
Of lives that occupied those rented spaces?
And what happens when that life is present twice
As much as is desired for full gestation?
Unloved sibling I shan't meet.
Where is she?

You taught the lesson well, and I have learned
That I am a commodity at best.
You wanted me, but I despise my own life.
Is this poison drunk for want of mother's breast?
One spark will light the fire of immolation.
I lay ashes at your feet.

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freddy said...

Beautiful and thought-provoking!