Monday, September 27, 2010

40 Days, and pro-life action

Pro-life Americans do a lot more than just protest abortion. Many of them volunteer at crisis pregnancy clinics, foster babies waiting to be placed with adoptive parents, open their homes and hearts to mothers and babies in need, and otherwise take action to spread and foster a culture of life.

Today I want to share a call for some particular pro-life action (Hat tip: Ironic Catholic):
I spent five weeks visiting with Yulia. I really have a very deep love for her. While I was never allowed to pick her up and cuddle her close to me, I was able to love on her in her crib. She is precious. She has the sweetest smile and a very, very tender spirit. She is tiny and very malnourished, as are all the kids in that room. She lives a life of hell on earth. There are no cuddles or loves. There are no warm embraces or playful hugs. Outdoor time is never permitted. Those four walls of the crib is the only life she knows. She is taken out only to be fed (as fast as humanly possible) and changed. But that is it. The children are treated harshly. She wears the same clothes for days on end and toys are few and far between. All dignity has been stripped away. She lies in her own urine for hours on end. Nobody cares.

Yulia, like all the kids in that room, is drugged day in and day out. All in the name of “best sleep,” I was told. Yeah, more like all in the name of keeping them still and quiet so that they are a far less burden to those assigned to their care. She cannot function properly due to the adult tranquilizing drug she is given daily. Yulia, like our Hailee, is considered what I believe the Bible refers to as "one of the least of these." She has no value whatsoever. She is merely a body in that place. A corpse with breath that has to be fed and changed. A burden to society.

It’s heartbreaking that any child should have to live that kind of life. But, my friends, that is only the beginning of Yulia’s story.

Yulia needs a miracle.

It was only after I got home from the Ukraine and posted her picture on my blog that Andrea Roberts (from Reeces Rainbow) was able to get more information about her. Truly, nothing could have prepared my heart for what I read. Any hope of finding a family for her seemed to fade quickly. I questioned God and have asked Him more times than I can count if this could ever possibly work. “Who will go for her, Lord?” “How much time does she have, Father?” “Is this even possible?”

Yulia has an extremely rare condition called Cockayne Syndrome. I read that there are only about 60 known cases in the world. The syndrome is characterized by premature aging, cataracts, sensitivity to sunlight, hearing loss, impaired development, and so on. Her life expectancy is severely shortened. She can live anywhere from four to about twenty years. Sadly, there is no cure for Cockayne Syndrome. Yulia may (or may not) also have some cerebral palsy. [...]

The first one is to have a family. She needs someone to go and get her OUT of the Ukraine. Like yesterday. She is wasting away there. I know because I have seen with my own two eyes. Do I believe that someone will go? Absolutely. I believe in God’s people. I believe that there are those who are willing do whatever it takes to follow His voice. Radical Christians. We read about them in books, and there are many, many around today—including some who are reading this blog at this very moment. People who will follow the Lord, come what may. People who don’t look at the circumstances, but rather at the face of their God who calls them, no matter what. “Whatever, God” people is what we call them. I know that someone will go and rescue Yulia. We now need to pray that the radical someones will find her. Soon.

The second miracle: Yulia needs grant money. Her grant fund at Reeces Rainbow is sitting at around $400. That is not enough, friends. That is not going to help her much at this stage. Yulia needs a large amount of grant money for the family who adopts her. A Ukrainian adoption costs around $25,000. Is that too much to ask of the Lord? I think not. That’s nothing for Him to provide. He just has to mobilize His mighty army and it will be done. We all know that adoption is expensive. Finances should not be a consideration for the family who adopts Yulia. Their only concern should be getting the paperwork done and going to bring her home. The financial burden needs to be lifted. What an incredible incentive it would be for a family considering bringing her home to know that finances are something they do not have to worry about.

Please go here to read the rest of Yulia's story, to contribute to the fund that will help her eventual parents bring her home, and also--if God is calling you to this--to consider whether you might be the parents God has planned for Yulia. I'm sure her special needs require a special family, people who will be able to do whatever can be done to help this sweet little girl live out the rest of her life, however short it might be, free from pain and surrounded by love and joy.

Pro-choice people like to say that pro-lifers don't care about born children; they're wrong. They also say unwanted children shouldn't be born; they're wrong. A lot of us can look at Yulia's dear little face and say, honestly, that we do want this child. And somewhere out there, someone who has this desire also has the means to care for Yulia and make her a part of their loving family.

UPDATE: The Ironic Catholic says the costs of Yulia's adoption have been funded--$20,000 has been raised! Now we just need to pray for Yulia's potential parents to come forward to claim this special little girl.

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The Ironic Catholic said...

Thanks for the link and spreading the word! It is absolutely inspiring to see how God has moved this mountain--and I do believe the parents will step forward and adopt this little girl. But we need to keep spreading the word, and praying.