Monday, September 27, 2010

In light of the post below...

Pearls Before Swine

I definitely identify with Rat here. Which is not a good thing. :)

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MightyMighty said...

It is a public service!

In all seriousness, when I went to a very hipppy-dippy Kairos retreat in high school, and was apparently the only catechized Catholic there, I remember first feeling SUPER frustrated with the feel-good nonsense that bore no relation to Catholicism, and then on day 3, this girl was crying about something that had happened to her. A testimony of sorts. A truly big moment of personal conversion for me was with the discovery that "stupid people feel things intensely too." This was the sort of girl who was scary-dumb, like quite a few of the jock kids at my high school. Dumb enough that one wondered how their brains told their hearts to keep breathing. No judgment here, just stating the facts. And when I saw how much pain she was in, it hit me. Even pathological idiots have feelings. And thus are human. And thus are people I have to love. Oh yeah, and God made them, even if he didn't intend for them to be reared in an intellectual vacuum.

I know it sounds mean and arrogant, but it was actually the start of being much more tolerant of people who were not so bright. Not tolerant of the pursuant drinking, drugs, skanky clothing, and fornication, but tolerant of them as people who were how they were through a very sad set of circumstances.

There's a big difference between noticing that someone is an idiot, and hating them for it. :) I'm not sure where notifying them of their shortcomings falls.