Monday, September 6, 2010

Meme-o-rama, part two

And now for the meme which Larry D tagged me with: "Top Ten Things I Did That Still Surprise The [Expletive Deleted] Out Of Me". (Sorry, Larry, but my kids read over my shoulder, and we don't allow cursing. Theoretically...)

Like Larry, I hardly know where to begin; my life is not all that adventurous, and aside from a trip or so to Canada I've never even been out of the United States. Still, that gives me a starting place:

1. Got to spend Thanksgiving in Hawaii when I was eight years old and my dad worked for a major airline. Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant: strange. Getting to leave snowy Chicago and run around in shorts or sundresses for a whole week: awesome. I hated winter weather (still do!) so spending a late November week in Hawaii was pretty close to paradise.

2. Went skiing. Exactly once. Considering that I hate winter weather (see #1) and also that I'm hopelessly clumsy skiing was not exactly a natural choice for me. But I was in college and it was an "Oh, why not," sort of moment. After skidding and falling down the bunny slope a couple of times I gave up, and spent the rest of the time in the lodge (thinking that this part was okay). The shock was the next day, when leg muscles I never knew I had went on strike at being abused so terribly, and I clomped around like a zombie for the next 36 hours or so. But at least I didn't break anything.

3. Went to a firing range and shot guns. Also once, but would do it again. A military friend of our family had offered to take a couple of us kids (the high school-aged ones or older) to the firing range with him, and I had said it sounded interesting, not thinking it would amount to anything--till the Saturday morning when the gentleman in question showed up with his guns (carefully stored in cases in pieces away from the ammunition) and took my brother and I with him to the range. I was a better shot than you'd expect, given the whole general clumsiness thing. We got to shoot a .22 pistol and a .38, and though the .38 was almost too much for me (hey, I'm 5'2" and weighed a lot less then than I do now!) I was still able to do some serious damage to the paper target.

4. Worked for a nationally-known cinnamon roll company long enough to learn the secret to rolling cinnamon roll dough really well so you get all those little curls of dough between lots of gooey, oozing masses of warm brown sugar and cinnamon.

5. While working for said company, met a few young gentlemen one day who wanted to know about the local nightlife (and boy, were they disappointed in me, because I honestly knew nothing about any of it, or if there even was any, which I highly doubted given that we were in Silverdale, Washington which at the time was not really a night-lifeish sort of place). The young gentlemen told me they were with a film company, filming a movie, and were stuck because the Puget Sound (the location of a key scene in the film) was supposed to be cloudy, and here it had been nice and sunny for days and days. I nodded and smiled and thought, "How stupid do these guys think I am? They're not with any film company. At least they could have invented a more plausible movie name--The Hunt for Red October? What's up with that?" And so I totally missed my chance to go hang out on a movie set.

6. However, while working in that same mall but at a totally different and not national (but small and local) coffee and pastry shop, I learned to make espresso drinks, and got to be particularly good at making a "dry" cappuccino (which is a cappuccino with no milk at all, only a layer of velvety foam atop the coffee). We didn't even know the word "barista," back then, but I was one--at least, if you'll accept that a person operating anything other than a manual espresso machine can be a barista.

7. Met an amazing and wonderful man at, of all places, a meeting of the local chapter of Catholics United for the Faith (CUF). Went on our first date; then did not go out again for five whole months. Went on our second date, and were married less than a year later!

8. By the time we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary I had already given birth three times, to three incredibly beautiful and good and smart and wise young ladies. Based on that rate, though, we sort of expected to have a large family; though God's plans were different, we were ready for whatever He chose for us.

9. Moved to Texas, bought a house, and have lived in it for a little over ten years. The surprising part is that my family moved so much when I was growing up that I never lived in a house for longer than five years before this--and honestly, I'd have to check with my mom to see if I ever even lived in a house that long!

10. Substitute blogged for Rod Dreher at his old Beliefnet blog, Crunchy Cons. Seriously, that still surprises the expletive deleted out of me when I think about it. I'm a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom with a tiny personal blog that was even tinier back when Rod first asked if I'd be willing to step in, and I was honestly blown away by the idea that anybody would trust me to run a whole big blog like that with commenters and everything for a week. As it turned out, things went well and I got to do it on a few more occasions--but like I said, it still surprises me to think about it.

I tag my dear husband and anyone else who wants to do this!

UPDATE: As you can see, Thad has lived a much more interesting life than I have! :)


LarryD said...

Erin - great list! Sorry about the mild expletive...

Red Cardigan said...

Oh, no problem, Larry. It's not that I'm one of these people who faints in horror at a mild expletive. It's really just that I wasn't brought up to swear, and so when I try it always sounds...awkward.


Deirdre Mundy said...

I'm always amused by how much the things that made perfect sense at the time floor other people when I tell them.... Like the time I went to a real live gypsy circus.... and the starring act was a RACCOON!