Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our future

Take a look at this story:

(Reuters) - A number of Dutch colleges are considering legal action against the publisher of a move-in guide for new freshmen, after the company included an ad recruiting students for jobs as online sex workers.

The "Student Information Guide 2010-2011," which was handed out in recent weeks, included an ad offering the chance to earn money by engaging in sexual activities in front of webcams. [...]

A Mediadam director told ANP the company acknowledged it had made an error and that it had never stopped to think the guide could potentially be distributed to minors. [Emphasis added--E.M.]

Prostitution and other forms of sexual business are legal in the Netherlands, of course, so the only reason anyone is angry about this situation is that some of the freshman who received the Student Information Guide might have been below the legal age. At present, the legal age still appears to be 18 though recent news articles show political leaders calling for the age to be raised to 21.

Once a nation decides that sex is a commodity, that marriage is a meaningless concept with a definition so fluid as to be nonsensical, and that anyone over the age of consent should be able to define his or her own sexuality apart from any religious, moral, ethical, or legal standards, it becomes pretty hard to argue that prostitution should be illegal. And once prostitution is legal, it also becomes difficult to keep minors from being exploited by pimps and others who traffic in human misery--but that's the price we pay, argue the liberals, for enshrining freedom and choice as our gods. As always, it's the children who suffer the most, but their anguish and terror is an acceptable sacrifice on the altar of adult freedom.

So in a European nation where it's legal for college girls to pimp themselves out to earn a little extra cash, the only concern about an ad recruiting sex workers is that some of the people who saw the ad may be underage. There's no notion whatsoever that selling one's body for the sexual pleasure of strangers is degrading, dehumanizing, exploitative, and just plain evil.

Because, after all, you can't legislate morality. Take a good look at the picture we see coming to us from nations across the see: that's our future, if we continue to let the poison permeate our culture.


Anonymous said...

Apparently there is no such thing as personal sanctity in countries where a body is considered communal property. How sad. What's left? Not even one's own thoughts are privileged as an inherent right?

kkollwitz said...

Where sex, marriage, & children are concerned, the West's imagination becomes ever more stunted.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

You can't legislate morality, but you can legislate some degree of respect for personal integrity. For example, you don't get arrested for adultery any more, but it is still breach of contract, and nobody has to respect it. It is not a victimless act.

Assuming that prostitution should not be a criminal offense, pimping could still be subject to criminal penalties - its not YOUR body, its selling someone ELSE's body, and that's a significant difference. By the same token, solicitation to commit prostitution could be a criminal offense, provided that the solicitor intended to make a profit off the sale of another person's body.

Does that make it difficult for a young lady who WANTS to sell her body to find a willing buyer? Yes. There is no reason to make it easy for her, just because she won't go to jail for it. Maybe she'll have time to think twice before she succeeds.