Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Overheard in the homeschool classroom

As the girls worked on their schoolwork this morning, I realized that the crockpot dinner I had planned couldn't wait until their lunch break to be assembled (not if we wanted to eat dinner at a reasonable hour). As I scurried around the kitchen putting the ingredients into the crockpot, I apologized for interrupting their school time to cook.

"Mom," Bookgirl said patiently, "you're interrupting our school time to make that really good chicken taco filling. It's not like you're interrupting our school time to make...oh, I don't know...something like 'Brussels Sprout Soup.'"

(For the record, I have never made anything called "Brussels Sprout Soup." My girls are healthy eaters, but even I wouldn't push their taste buds that far.)



Mike in CT said...

Actually, brussels sprout soup sounds really good.

eulogos said...

My kids used to eat something from the New York Times Bread and Soup Cookbook called Kale Brose. (Kale and Oatmeal soup). Real poor people food. Kale grew well in Maryland but it was subject to these awful grey aphids. You could get some of them off with a hard hose spray, but not all of them. You could get some more off with a brush under the kitchen sink tap, but not all of them. So-I used the kale anyway. I told the kids the little black dots in the broth were pepper.... I made oat meal scones to go with it; hearty scones rather than sweet ones.

But then my kids also ate a fish chowder made from fish heads the roving fishmonger saved for me. That is the broth was made from them. I got some fish meat off them also, not much. Then I made a white sauce, and made it a cream soup, and would put corn and various other veggies in it, bits of tomato, bits of red pepper, something green cut small.
We ate this with biscuits.

Very cheap food. Very nourishing food. And it really tasted pretty good.
Susan Peterson

eulogos said...

Oh and love brussels sprouts. Not sure about a soup though. In halves maybe, in a chicken stock?
Susan Peterson

eulogos said...

I mean "I" love brussels sprouts. Will have quite a few in the garden this fall, now that I have for this year anyway eliminated the woodchucks.

Charlotte said...

I love brussel sprouts, too! Best way I ever had them (in a restaurant, and I've tried to replicate it with only partial success) was saute'd in beer, butter, and maple syrup.

Dawn Farias said...

Love it!

BTW - thank you again for your time recently. I did start a new blog. If you are interested and click my name it will take you to it. It's an innocent victim of multiple personality disorder, however.

c matt said...

I love brussel sprouts too, just plain boiled and sprinkled with a dash of vinegar.

But then I also like liver, which according to my wife disqualifies me from culinary comment.