Tuesday, October 12, 2010

40 Days, and abortion complications

Dr. Steven Brigham is facing the loss of his lucrative abortion business, which took advantage of two states' different laws to skirt a requirement in New Jersey that late-term abortions had to take place in a hospital or other licensed facility:
On Aug. 13, three women seeking second-trimester abortions followed physician Steven Brigham from his Camden County office to a Maryland clinic he owns, according to claims by the attorney general’s office.

They were wracked with contractions as they traveled because Brigham had given them labor-inducing drugs a day or two earlier, the state said. In Maryland, the women met another doctor, who performed their procedures. One of the women, 18, needed emergency surgery at a hospital to treat a lacerated bowel and uterus.

That woman was probably lucky; Life Dynamics maintains a list, called the Blackmun Wall, of women known to have been killed by "safe, legal" abortion. There are more than three hundred names, and more are being added as research is done to confirm that the death was caused by an abortion.

How many women die each year from "safe," legal abortions? How many are critically injured? How many suffer other complications related to the abortion?

It's hard to know for sure--because unlike almost any other kind of health operation (doctor's office, clinic or hospital) most abortion clinics don't have to collect or report that data; in fact, somehow any kind of regular inspection, records review or collection, or other oversight from state health departments is seen as an infringement on a "woman's right to choose" to pay someone to kill her unborn child--and the billion-dollar abortion industry has fought to avoid compliance with state oversight laws whenever and wherever they've been enacted.

Some women--or their surviving family members--are suing their abortionists over complications. A law passed this summer in Nebraska allows women to sue abortion clinics if they suffer post-abortion psychological trauma under some circumstances. While these are positive steps for women hurt by abortion, they are only the beginning.

I think that people on both sides of the abortion issue ought to be able to agree that at the very least, abortion clinics should operate under the same laws as any other medical business. There should be mandatory reporting of injuries and maternal deaths, as well as transparent and open record-keeping which can be reviewed by state oversight agencies. There should be regular inspections of the facilities and reviews of the personnel.

Otherwise, women continue to be at risk from people like Dr. Brigham. And that shouldn't be acceptable to anybody--not even those who think unborn human beings are disposable trash.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Unfortunately, under some state legislative schemes, "oversight from state health departments" is INTENDED as an infringement on a "woman's right to choose," because legislators and enforcers consider it "pay[ing] someone to kill her unborn child."

No doubt the continued politicization of the entire process, and hair-splitting over each and every potential implication, has resulted in a larger number of deaths or injuries than might otherwise have occurred.

And be real: you are NOT posting this because you want women to have abortions safely. You want them not to have abortions at all, period.

I agree that clinics which offer abortions should operate under the same laws as any other medical business. Have you stopped to consider that you are conceding that this IS "a medical business"?

Barbara C. said...

This has been a longstanding problem. I remember doing my senior term paper in high school on how abortion centers had very little oversight and very few sanitary restrictions. Women were getting infections and diseases due to the unsanitary conditions of "safe and legal" abortion. I got the idea when I came across a newspaper article back in 1994/1995.

This was when I was in the "I would never get an abortion but I don't know if I have the right to tell others what to do" frame of mind which was prevalent in my Catholic all-girls school.

If people are going to defend abortion with the threat of "unsafe back-alley abortions" (even though a minority would go to that extreme in dealing with an unwanted pregnancy compared to the larger number of women who get abortions today just because they legally can), then they better make damn sure that legal abortion in a clinic really is safer.

I recently had to have a D&C due to a postpartum complication and started bleeding profusely for an unknown reason necessitating an emergency surgery to try to stop the bleeding with a threat of an emergency hysterectomy. While I am sure my complications were not common, it just really brought home just how dangerous an abortion (which is probably similar in procedure to a D&C) probably is.

priest's wife said...

A few years ago, I miscarried a 19-20 week old boy. I knew the baby had died about three days before I went in to deliver- so my body was probably slowly preparing for all the hormonal changes. Even though I was on strong painkillers, I was awake and saw the baby...sad but good for my mental health. How different for the woman that aborts-recently we know of a woman who aborted her 19 weeker because of low amniotic fluid- and even if she 'wanted' this to happen- it is so bad for her physical and mental health!