Thursday, October 28, 2010

40 Days, and local news

Old Catholic heretics never die...they just end up in teaching positions (and writing for the National Catholic Reporter).

Case in point is Charles Curran, the priest/theologian who can't teach theology anymore as a Catholic, because his dissident ideas put him at odds with the Catholic Church, leading to a Vatican declaration that he is unfit to teach Catholic theology. Curran teaches at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, and today he gave a lecture titled "The U.S. Catholic Bishops and Abortion Legislation: A Critique from Within the Church." I imagine that the substance of the lecture wasn't much different from a pro-abortion lecture Curran gave more than twenty years ago in Ohio, when I had the privelege of joining the sign-carrying protesters outside. Ah, good times.

Bishop Kevin Farrell of the Dallas diocese didn't let the lecture go by without voicing his disapproval:
Bishop Kevin Farrell of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas is publicly objecting to a Southern Methodist University professor’s upcoming lecture on U.S. Catholic bishops and abortion law. [...]

Farrell issued a statement, saying he had become aware of the lecture.

“The act of taking an unborn life is wrong and has always been wrong,” Farrell said. “This has been the constant teaching of the church.”

Near the end of the statement, Farrell said, “I regret that Father Curran has chosen to criticize the position of the U.S. bishops on this matter.”

In other words: Sorry, Charlie. The Church is pro-life.

I think one of the oddest things about the aging hippie dissident Catholics like Fr. Curran and Rosemary Radford Ruether and their ilk is their position as cheerleaders for abortion. Of all the things one can or can't imagine Jesus doing or saying, I don't see how anyone could imagine Him clapping and cheering as a woman has her tiny unborn human child ripped to death in her womb and discarded as so much trash. The very idea is blasphemous.

Yet cheering for abortion is one of the hallmarks of the Catholic dissident. I'm glad our local bishop had the proper amount of episcopal spine to voice the Church's continued and never-ending objection to the heretical views of Charles Curran.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Curran has the right to say whatever he chooses to say.

The Bishop has the right to say whatever he chooses to say about what Curran chooses to say.

The Bishop has no right to muzzle Curran, and makes a fool of himself if he uses language that implies that Curran should not be allowed to speak.

Curran has nothing to complain about if the Bishop says that Curran is wrong about Catholic teaching.

Expressing "outrage" that something was done by people acting outside of one's control, who know you don't like it, is bordering on childish, no matter how serious the matter.

Even prosecutors expressing "outrage" that a criminal gang murdered a key witness is absurd. By all means, track them down and arrest them, if you can, but don't splutter about the fact that they did exactly what anyone would anticipate they would try to do. If there is anything to be "outraged" about, it is failure to provide sufficient protection to the witness.

And at present, if Curran says something favorable about the absence of laws prohibiting abortion, he is not inciting anyone to commit a crime within the jurisdiction of the United States.

What God will say is between God and Father Curran. The United States has no jurisdiction over that judgement.