Thursday, October 14, 2010

The McDonald's/Disney wedding dilemma

So, earlier today I was reading over at Creative Minority Report (a daily must-read!) about the practice in Hong Kong of holding McWeddings complete with the McCeremony and the McReception at McDonald's restaurants in that city.

Because nothing says "decadent Western wedding!" like a ceremony held under the Golden Arches.

Of course, talented writer writer Matthew Archbold is a guy, which is probably why he missed this potential tie-in from two weeks ago--brides can now choose their very own Disney Princess wedding gown:
If you're looking for a fairy tale ending, you'll need a proposal from your very own Prince Charming and a dress fit for a princess. But how would you feel dressing like a Disney princess? Wedding outfitter Alfred Angelo has teamed up Disney on a collection of gowns inspired by those worn by princesses Ariel, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Snow White and Tiana.

No, we're not joking. You can actually dress like the Little Mermaid on your wedding day. Granted there is no aqua mermaid tail, but sea-inspired dress does have a mermaid-style cut, pearl beading, and sequin sparkles. Each of the other gowns takes on a similar liberal interpretation on the style of the princesses. The Sleeping Beauty gown is romantic with a willowy skirt. Belle's dress has a draped waistline and is inspired by the ballroom dance scene from the movie. The Cinderella-inspired dress is heavy on sparkle as a reference to her glass slipper. Snow White's dress is traditional and inspired by nature with a floral bodice. For those looking for a more modern approach, Jasmine's dress is draped satin with a bejeweled neckline, and the Tiana gown features an asymmetrical top and ruched skirt. Thankfully none of these interpretations were so literally that wedding guests would immediately identify the designs as inspired by a Disney character.
Well, thank goodness for that! Of course, if the bride really wants to dress like a Disney princess on her wedding day, I have a feeling she'll find a way to make sure that everybody who's invited to the wedding will know all about it--probably when they receive the Disney Princess Wedding Invitations (TM) in the mail.

The sad thing is that as more and more women plan on having dream, theme, supreme weddings, fewer and fewer people actually get married at all. For Catholics in America, this is becoming a serious problem. There are probably more nominally Catholic young women (by which I mean those taken to Mass at Christmas, Easter, and for their First Communions and Confirmations by their parents, and then not at all anymore) who spend hours planning their Big Special Wedding Day without ever considering getting married in the Church--and there are others who might go as far as to call a Catholic church nearby, but then slam down the phone in disgust when they find out they have to register at the parish, take classes with their fiances, and agree to certain things (like being open to children and raising them Catholic) that they just don't want to promise.

If we don't want young Catholic men and women to grow up and get married in a McDonald's/Disney wedding, but a Catholic one, we'd better start educating young Catholics now on the importance of the marriage, and the relative unimportance of the material trappings of the party on the wedding day.


Alice said...

A true Disney princess dress would be a welcome relief from the overly tan, bare shoulders I've seen on the majority of brides in seven years as a church organist. I was actually excited when these were announced a few years ago because I thought they might be a tasteful alternative to the current trends. Sadly, they look nothing like the dresses by which they are supposed to be inspired. They're just more of the same.

McDonald's wedding? Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

A real Disney princess dress would be a relief just compared to those ugly wedding dresses. They're hideous and most are fluffy.

Alisha De Freitas said...

WOW! Eww, I can hardly believe this... smh. I love how you have the most interesting stories!

Kerri said...

I tell my boys (and they are only 13 and 11)that if their girlfriend (later in life) starts talking about the "dream wedding" that she "deserves," that this is definitely a red flag. And to my daughter, I say that we will not go into debt or suffer in retirement for her "special day." Hopefully, they will all find good, sensible Catholic spouses-to-be that agree that it is not about the wedding but the marriage.

Dymphna said...

I wouldn't want to get married at McDonalds but a reception there would be fun. I thought the dresses were pretty. I didn't have much of a wedding but I don't sit around sourly begrudging anyone who did.

L. said...


I let my partner and his father plan our big day.

All I did was show up in a dress!

kkollwitz said...

On Sundays my wife & I review the brides' attire. A typical summing-up is "six white cocktail dresses, one bridal gown."

priest's wife said...

We won't spend more on our kids' wedding as we spend on their college educations (and nothing will/can be covered more than 50%- don't believe in free stuff for adult kids)- I PRAY that my kids will marry someone we can be happy about- then it will be a joy to contribute

Rule #1 to repeat over and over again- Don't even go out to coffee with a non-Catholic if a Catholic marriage is top priority. There are plenty of nice non-Catholics out there, but it would be sad to sit alone Sunday mornings- and that is just the beginning.

SherryTex said...

Memo to daughters and future daughters in law: If you want to dress up like a princess, that's what Halloween is for....when you are grown up enough to want to begin an adult married life, presumably, you will put aside childish hobbit weddings, no McDonalds, no disney, no startrek, no vegas. Gahhhhhh.