Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We are in His hands

Michelle Arnold has made an amazing connection concerning the rescue of the Chilean miners, which I'd like to share here:
August 5, the date of the mine collapse in Chile is the feast of the dedication of St. Mary Major;
August 22, the miners are discovered alive, the Queenship of Mary; October 13, the rescue, Our Lady of Fatima's Miracle of the Sun. I sense a parable for those with ears to hear...

I noticed that the miners have been trapped for 69 days; Psalm 69 contains these verses (Psalm 69:14-16):
But I pray to you, LORD, for the time of your favor. God, in your great kindness answer me with your constant help.
Rescue me from the mire; do not let me sink. Rescue me from my enemies and from the watery depths.
Do not let the floodwaters overwhelm me, nor the deep swallow me, nor the mouth of the pit close over me.
May God be praised for preserving these men in their time of danger!

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