Monday, November 8, 2010

The most daring thing

If you read any news coverage leading up to the Pope's visit to La Sagrada Familia in Spain, chances are that you read all about the "huge gay protest" that was planned. Thousands, we were told solemnly by major news outlets, of gay couples were going to stage a "kiss-in" and kiss in front of the pope as he made his way to the basilica. The event would be a major disruption; speculation as to whether the Holy Father would be forced to take notice of it in his homily was widespread.

Well, things weren't exactly as they were hyped:

About 200 people protested against Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Barcelona on Sunday by jeering and staging a gay "kiss-in."
The protest by gays and lesbians took place as Benedict was being driven in his bullet-proof popemobile to celebrate mass at the city's iconic basilica, La Sagrada Familia (Holy Family).

The Pope did not react to the gay-kiss demonstration near the church, and the protesters were outnumbered by thousands of flag-waving supporters of the pontiff.

Considering that some reports put the crowd of Catholics attending the Mass at La Sagrada Familia at 6,500 guests and that thousands more Catholics turned out to cheer and wave and show their support for the pope and the Church, I'd say that a protest of 200 people--only 100 couples!--is pretty pathetic. And that's not even mentioning that some observers have opined that the "200" number is at least 100 more people than were actually participating in the "kiss-in." There's a very good chance that Pope Benedict didn't even notice the lip-locked exhibitionists, whose idea of a protest is clearly culled from the pages of juvenile fiction.

That didn't stop the New York Daily News from labeling the protest "massive" in a misleading and rather stupid headline. To many of the scribes of the imploding mainstream media, anytime a single same-sex attracted person stamps his feet in the general direction of 2,000 years of Christian teaching it is news; the same-sex attracted person becomes a kind of David, standing alone and brave with all the force of Sexual Progress at his back, as he takes up his slingshot against heteronormativity, the traditional family, the Church, Christian morality and virtue, and the like, and, with tremendous force and courage--er, stages a kiss-in at which thousands unaccountably fail to show up.

It is perfectly understandable why the employees of the MSM would wish to cast the battle in these terms. They, too, would like to stand with all the force of Sexual Progress at their backs, and they, too, would like to tear down, deconstruct, and destroy heteronormativity, the traditional family, the Church, Christian morality and virtue, and the like, even though chances are they were raised in a traditional family involving opposite sex-parents who were at married to each other at least for a little while, and may even have "breeder" siblings who occupied their own mothers' wombs before or after they did, as horrifying as such a thought is to your average MSM journalist, who wishes fervently that he had been grown in a dish and implanted into a surrogate mother who happened to be married to a Vegas drag queen, because of all the cache such a heritage would give him among his peers.

The thing is, the MSM has been trying to tear down, deconstruct, and destroy the traditional family, the Church, Christian morality and virtue, and the like since even before William Randolph Hearst had a little idea to go into the newspaper business. Which is something to bear in mind when the media assures you with all the solemnity they can muster that "thousands" of gay activists are going to force the pope to notice them by a daring and audacious act of visual protest. The most daring and audacious thing a same-sex attracted person can do today is to accept Church teaching on sexual morality, live according to that teaching, and seek to worship, pray, and engage in true Christian fellowship with the people of his parish--but as the MSM tends to frown upon any course of action which doesn't correspond to their view of reality in which history, after several dull centuries of Christian domination, finally began sometime in the 1960s when people stopped listening to the Church and decided on their own that sex was nothing more than a really fun game, best played with multiple shifting partners of either (or, for the truly daring, both) genders.

In Spain Pope Benedict XVI is offering, once again, a truthful view of the matter--that a life lived in communion with Christ is a life that is full, and rich, and joyful, but a life lived apart from Him in pursuit of worldly pleasures and treasures is a life dessicated, empty, and ultimately meaningless and sad. As meaningless and sad, in fact, as betraying love with a kiss aimed at hate--no, not like the poor misguided handful of protesters, but like Judas, who is their true model, and whose fate may God spare any of us from sharing.


L. said...

I can speak here as a proud member of the MSM -- as the old adage says, when 1,000 plans land safely and on time, it's not news, but when one is.

A handful of angry, attention-seeking protestors doing something sexual is by their very nature more newsworthy than thousands of their peaceful counterparts behaving nicely.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I have never before heard anyone refer to the New York Daily News as part of the "Mainstream Media." The MSM term generally has connotations of "liberal media," and the Daily News is a hard-nosed scandal sheet of a very illiberal character -- I would generally expect them to play up a mob beating a gay couple, with implied approval.

However, I am reminded of a local TV station interviewing a gay Catholic at the time of John Paul II's visit to San Francisco. He explained in some depth why he respected the Holy Father and was celebrating his visit. Asked about other gay residents protesting the visit, with the sort of antics we expect from San Francisco, he said with equal sincerity, "They have every right to be here."

Of course, being gay, he's not really a Catholic...

Anonymous said...

I'm going with the idea that the majority of homosexuals understand proper decorum and courtesy.

Benedict Girl said...

As if the Holy Father needed reminding that a lot (too many) of people dislike him. I wonder what the flag-waiving catholics did, those that were near the display.

I never expect the media to tell me anything reliable these days...

Siarlys Jenkins said...

A kind thought romishgraffiti... very well said.