Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prayer request

I have received a prayer request from reader "Lisa" who shares the following:

Earlier today, I sent a message to our statewide Catholic homeschooling
elist asking for their prayers for a friend of ours , but I just got
word that the girl's condition is much worse than I realized, so I want
to get the request out to all of the prayer warriors I know. The update
I just sent to the elist is below.

Thanks and God bless,


I just got an update about the 13yo homeschooler. Unfortunately, the
situation is very grave. Please offer all of the prayers and sacrifices
you can for this young lady. Just yesterday, she seemed to have a fairly
run-of-the-mill flu-like illness, but when she suddenly became much
sicker, her parents took her to the hospital, where it was determined
that she has a bacterial infection. Her body is in shock, which has led
to the failure of some organs/systems. The family's pastor has visited
and the other children are being cared for right now, so the best thing
we all can do right now is to pray and to ask others (parish prayer
chains, etc.) to pray, too.

God bless,

Heavenly Father, you gave to St. Margaret of Scotland, whose feast is celebrated today, an enduring love and concern for children. We ask for her intercession for this young lady who is so gravely ill, that if it is Your will she will speedily be healed and restored to her family. St. Margaret of Scotland, pray for us.

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