Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving blog break

For the first time in years, we actually managed to start our school year in early August. I've been hearing from other Texas homeschoolers how wonderful that is, because you start school when it's too hot and miserable to be outside anyway, and then, come Thanksgiving, you can take a whole week off, because you started so early.

Well--it is wonderful! The girls had one little history quiz to get out of the way this morning (because they'd already studied for it on Friday, so it made sense to go ahead with the test) and now we're all free for the whole week!

The great thing about this is that there are things that I couldn't realistically do in August (cleaning out closets comes to mind) that are perfect for right now, when it's only...81 degrees out. Hey, compared to triple-digits, that can feel downright chilly! And we're supposed to cool off even more; it may be below 60 for a high on Thanksgiving day.

And, of course, I'm finishing up NaNoWriMo--I'll hit 50K by tomorrow at the latest, but as I'm really trying to finish the whole book before Nov. 30 the extra time will come in handy.

So blogging will be sporadic-to-non-existent. Depending on whether I can actually keep my virtual mouth shut for a whole week, of course.

I will pop in on Thursday, though--to thank my readers officially for being the best blog readers on the Internet. Who cares if His Dark Lordiness has almost 500 followers? My readers are quality readers. :)

See you Thursday!


LarryD said...

And, of course, I'm finishing up NaNoWriMo--I'll hit 50K by tomorrow at the latest

I'm on track to finish on time (35,000+ words right now), as well as get the entire story done. Good luck on getting yours done!

priest's wife said...

happy Thanksgiving!

mdavid said...

We do homeschooling year round, half days. Found it to be better is many ways.

Take two weeks off in July for fishing, though :-). Priorities, priorities...