Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Update on prayer request

I received this update to the prayer request posted here and many other places yesterday. Please keep praying!
Regina's condition has remained stable for nearly 24 hours now. A feeding tube has been inserted, which sounds bad, but is a positive sign. The doctors have decided to allow the sedation to wear off a little bit instead of keeping Regina completely "out." While this means that her parents now have to watch her struggle much more, which is horrible for them, it also means that she has been able to squeeze her mother's hand and give her father a thumbs-up sign in response to their questions, which encourages them and the doctors. The doctors say that, while Regina is still very seriously ill, they now have more hope. One doctor said that her recovery would be a marathon rather than a sprint.

Thank you for your continued prayers. The family gains strength from knowing that so many people all around the country are praying and offering sacrifices for Regina, asking friends to pray for her, putting her name on parish prayer chains, and posting prayer requests for her on blogs.
As today is the feast day of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, let's ask St. Elizabeth to intercede for Regina, that Jesus will quickly give her full healing, and keep her and her family close to His Sacred Heart at this difficult time.

UPDATE 11/18 You've probably already seen this elsewhere, as I'm late blogging today, but Regina's family has a positive update:

We’re still anxiously awaiting the removal of the breathing tube and Regina waking up…but her progress continues to be good. Her lungs still have too much fluid to take her off the ventilator today…but most-likely tomorrow. They just now took her off the dopamine (the last of the BP medications); they’ll be keeping an eye on that. Her kidney function isn’t as good as we’d like to see, but she has continued to make steady improvement. They started her on a feeding tube yesterday (and that’s going well). The doctor described her overall condition as “out of the woods, but still close to the trees.” But we'll take that...Deo gratias!
We can’t thank you all enough for all your thoughts, prayers, Masses, etc. We have been OVERWHELMED by everyone’s love and support..thank you all so much! I’ve simply received too many emails to respond directly to each of them….please know how much we appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers!

Keep praying!

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