Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All quiet on the blogging front

I can tell we've passed the Second Sunday of Lent. My Google reader hasn't been this quiet since Christmas.

Did everybody give up blogging for Lent?

Just for fun, let's have a survey (with my usual low-tech approach to such things):

1. Do you give up blogging/reading blogs for Lent?
a) Yes, always, and I'm cheating right now to read this.
b) No, never.
c) Sometimes.
d) I'm not sure.

2. Do you think that blogging or reading blogs is a waste of time?
a) Yes, always. Except for this blog. Or blogs written by priests. Or...something.
b) No, never. Blogging is a good hobby and reading blogs is fun.
c) Sometimes--but only when I'm writing or reading when I'm supposed to be folding laundry.
d) I'm not sure.

3. Which activity is most like writing or reading a blog?
a) Writing or reading cereal box panels.
b) Writing or reading great literature. Or at least interesting letters.
c) Writing or reading blurbs in the local newspaper.
d) I'm not sure.

4. Which activity is more important than blogging?
a) Watching paint dry.
b) Watching the pope on TV. So long as it's not an EWTN rerun.
c) Watching the toddlers in one's home.
d) I'm not sure.

5. My favorite bloggers...
a)...post roughly twice a year except when they're on sabbatical.
b)...post several times a day, and never post anything shorter than 300 words in length.
c)...post four or five times a week, but only if they have something worth saying.
d)...I'm not sure.


Mostly A: Gosh, you really don't like blogs very much, which means it's a huge compliment that you read mine. ;)

Mostly B: Gosh, you LOVE blogs! Thanks for being such a great reader! Please don't stop reading!

Mostly C: You're a measured and balanced sort of person, and the kind of reader bloggers everywhere want to have.

Mostly D: You are the sort of person who spends fifteen minutes in the cereal aisle. Go on, admit it. :)

How did you do?


Joe @ Defend Us In Battle said...


What do I win? :)

EegahInc said...

Well, I seem to fluctuate between B & C. I guess it depends on which of my personality disorders is in control at the moment.

The Ranter said...


I guess you're lucky to have me? lol. I love your blog, but I hardly ever comment on anyone's blog.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Mostly b or c, an occasional d, no a.

I suspect that most of what we all say to each other has next to no impact on the real world, which is a bit disappointing, since I just know that the unique synthesis I put forward could end all strife, secure justice and domestic tranquillity, ushering in an era of peace and prosperity, if only everyone were paying attention to what I write.

Liz said...

mostly b or c, but my poor blog is lucky if it gets a post even once a month.

Erin said...

I am probably a B or C person. I love that this blog is updated daily with good, thoughtful comments. The first 2 blogs I check out every AM are Fr Z's "What Does the Prayer Really Say?" and this one!

melanie said...

Siarlys, that's hilarious!!!! And I always think exactly the same things about my brilliant comments until I realize no one reads them. Good thing I DON'T blog, it would be horrendous!
Oh and I gave up reading all blogs but yours Red. I have no idea why except I think your blog actually feels relevant and news related instead of luxurious. That's not meant to really make any sense.

Red Cardigan said...

Thanks, all! These are great comments. :)

LarryD said...

Mostly B's and C's.

And since my blog hits have been increasing (March stands to be a record month), I can only surmise that folks are reading my blog as a form of Lenten penance.

To which I say - hah! Suffering is good for the soul!

Charlotte said...

So did "L" give up your blog for Lent? That's the question!

Deirdre Mundy said...

Well I love blogs, and I didn't give them (or mine) up for Lent--- but I just started a new job and making money for the family takes precedence over reading/writing! Also, every time I try to comment here, blogger eats my comment!

But for me, blogs are leisure. So when I have less leisure, blogs are the first to go.

Anonymous said...

1. B - I did, however, give up participating in online activities during the daytime
2. C - only when I'm using it as an avoidance of reality
3. B or C - depends on the blog, and the newspaper to which it's being compared
4. C - unless I'm taking a break from watching the toddlers
5. C

So, I'm balanced! Which is fabulous because even 6 months ago I was extremely unbalanced in this regard, and am glad my positive progress has been quantified by your survey - low-techness and all.