Thursday, March 24, 2011

The keeper of all crowns

A Texas beauty queen will get to keep her crown after pageant officials took it away:

A Texas jury ruled Thursday that a 17-year-old beauty queen allegedly told to "get off the tacos" after gaining weight was wrongly stripped of her crown and has had it returned by a judge.

Domonique Ramirez won her lawsuit against the Miss San Antonio pageant, Luis Vera Jr., her attorney, told The Associated Press.

"She won 100 percent," Vera said.

Judge Barbara Nellermoe then restored Ramirez's crown, clearing the way for her to compete for Miss Texas and Miss America, according Court Clerk Grace Montalvo. After deliberating 11.5 hours over two days in the weeklong trial, the Bexar County jury of five men and seven women found that pageant officials, not Ramirez, breached the contract.

Ms. Ramirez denied gaining weight, as well as the other allegations made by the pageant officials--that she was chronically late for assignments, skipped lessons, and didn't write thank-you notes, all apparently called for in her contract. Jurors sided with Ms. Ramirez who is now cleared to compete in further pageants.

I'm no big fan of beauty pageants. I think that they tend to be exploitative and ultimately demean women. But since I also believe in giving credit where it's due, I have to say that Ms. Ramirez's actions described below are very admirable:

Immediately after the trial, Ramirez went to Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church to place the crown on its altar as a gift to the patroness.

"She's the queen of all queens, the keeper of all crowns. I wanted to give my crown to her," Ramirez said, adding that she could buy a replacement crown for the upcoming Fiesta and Miss Texas appearances that go with the title. "I just wanted to send a message I'm very grateful and she has answered my prayers."

Now that is truly beautiful.


JMB said...

Wow! The NY Post ran a piece on this in today's paper, but left out the last part. That's just simply beautiful.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

That's sweet. It doesn't really matter the specific ritual or belief involved, the simple fact that she wanted to surrender her victory to God is touching.