Wednesday, March 16, 2011

There's a story here

I've been watching lots of videos of the tsunami/earthquake and its aftermath. While there is a great deal of sorrow, there have also been happy moments, reunions, and good news.

I don't think anything moved me as much as the end of this video, though. Beginning at the 2:08 mark and continuing to the end, we see the story of a man who was the president of a now-destroyed sake factory which employed fifty people. This man told his employees after the earthquake that they could decide whether to go home or go to shelters; after the tsunami, he made contact with twenty-two employees--and then searched shelters every day to try to find the rest. The video shows him meeting a twenty-third employee and locating three more. The emotion on the gentleman's face when he meets his employee--the genuine relief and happiness at one more found alive--made more of an impact on me than anything else I've seen. The video is here:

This kind of thing witnessed in the aftermath of tragedy tends to give one faith in humanity, after all.

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Anonymous said...

I am heartily glad in the aftermath, that new media IS focusing on raw humanity and sacrifices observed in this society, and not graft, or opportunism. Just today, my husband said that nuclear plant volunteers no doubt knowing exposure will lessen the length of their lives continue to serve their country and fellow human beings in trying to stave off meltdowns.