Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today's must read: on the manufacturing of humans

The Archbolds have a guest blogger, and you've got to read what she writes:
Five human lives have been created and put in "storage" until they are ready to "use" as the St. Lawrence's "project" to provide themselves "insurance." (Her words not mine.) There was a time we used "gift" and "blessing" when referring to children but in this Brave New World, "project" and "insurance" are more appropriate. IVF is now being used for human manufacturing to specifications. In this case, ordered with delayed delivery.

What is particularly chilling (no pun intended) is Gillian's description of how she weighed the pros and cons of freezing her offspring as if she was deciding whether the lasagna she made the night before would freeze well enough to still taste good in a few months.
IVF is not, and never has been, about healing infertility. IVF is, and always has been, about the commodification of human beings for manufacture to specifications. IVF creates leftover people who can then be discarded or experimented upon with no consideration for their human dignity. And it makes parents into the ultimate consumers, trading the natural protective bond of parents and children for a manufactured relationship where the awareness that "I created and threw away three more just like you!" spoils the integrity of the parent-child bond.

In fact, I once met a dentist whose son had been created this way--and on our first (and only--I chose a different dentist) meeting he went on and on about how his son wasn't what he'd expected and how he was sure "they" had left some important bits (brain cells, he alluded) in the tube where the boy had been created. It was absolutely clear that this man was a disappointed customer; it was equally clear that he had no idea how utterly revolting his attitude towards his child was.

Children are not consumer goods. But IVF blurs the line, and makes customers where parents once were. It is evil, and must be opposed.


Anonymous said...

Children, long ago, became consumer goods.

Its called divorce. It is incentivized by the
Catholic Church and it destroys lives.

Yes, your post was good but divorce is the most pressing issue where the Church is duplicitous and well deserving of brutal attacks upon it, which should not stop until it ceases being a haven for the

It is NOT a hospital for sinners, it is their school after it has bred them.

Anonymous said...

Just briefly reading the first response, am not sure where it was leading, but then, I'll readily acknowledge, some of my responses may be a little confusing. In any case, ethics help determine whether 'just because it is physically possible to do, doesn't mean one should be involved in doing it.'