Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy sundae!

Google today is celebrating the 119th anniversary of what they're calling the first documented ice cream sundae. As my mouse hovered over the cute logo I wondered why ice cream was being featured on Google. Then I read "119th Anniversary of the First Documented Ice Cream Sundae," and all I could think was: as opposed to all of the undocumented ice cream sundaes that entered the country illegally before then?

Silly, I know.

Still, it's a Sunday (and not just any Sunday--Laetare Sunday!), which means if you don't adhere to your Lenten restrictions on the Sundays of Lent, it's not a bad idea to celebrate with a sundae today. In honor of the anniversary, and all. :)


Charlotte (Waltzing Matilda) said...

Your brother said the same thing this morning when he saw the logo, "Ice cream sundaes... and it's Laetare Sunday!" Great minds think alike!

Casey said...

We love Google, my husband works for them. We have no say in the Google doodles though. My favorite was the pac man doodle they did a while back.