Sunday, June 19, 2011

Family first

After enjoying a full day--Mass (singing in the choir), brunch at home, some fun "guy shopping" with all of us along (he's looking at cameras, but not expensive ones), and a couple of minor errands, my dear husband is outside right now (7:29 p.m. Central Time) mowing the lawn.

It has cooled off to 100 degrees.

Happy Father's Day to my sweetheart, a man who always puts his family first and gets embarrassed when he's praised and thanked for it. :)


Kathy Schiffer said...

Happy Father's Day, Mr. Cardigan! Thank goodness for good fathers everywhere!

Hector said...

Re: It has cooled off to 100 degrees.

I'm soooo glad that i don't live in the South...:)

Hope you did have a good Father's Day.